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Sep 12, 2012

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You are correct that this situation is a fiasco. It is also a very sad situation as far as the future of the community is concerned. As a Baxter Springs resident I had high hopes for this mayor when she took office but it soon became very apparent that her term was nothing but a sham. I guess people, including myself, should have seen this coming when she campaigned on removing the new street lights on Military although if you check on it she actually voted in favor of them when she was on the council. Then the lies started last during the last council election accusing 2 council members up for reelection of illegal meetings. Guess what? They lost in large part to her lying in a letter to the editor in the local paper. Seeing success there she has now claimed to have photos of 6 members meeting illegally. Of course no proof has ever been presented but does that matter to her group of henchmen? Absolutely not! The mayor's whole term has been nothing but smoke and mirrors. She's never there. Shows up at council meetings and acts like she is concerned with the future of the town but is never present any other time. Wont sign documents such as ordinances and resolutions. Has even skipped signing checks on numerous occasions. Basically the only time she is there is when there is a crowd to play for. If the people in Baxter Springs have any concern for the future of the community they need to send the message loud and clear in November when they go to the polls. Keep these council members in their seats. And then kick this joke of mayor out in April!  (Sep 12, 2012 | post #2)