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Jul 18, 2012

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Ripon, CA

Cops Angry Over Sentence for Man Who Shot at Police Station

For those of you who think this guy should be locked up, you are wrong. None of you know him and know of you know the real reason he did those things. Now I don't know exactly what this article reads because I'm on my iPad, but I know him i have know him since the day I was born because he's my dad. I don't know if the article says that there was a woman and child in the house when he started to fire rounds, but there was and that child was me. Now that I'm 13 and I finally had the idea to see what was online about my dad it makes me cry that so many people can hate him when they don't know him. My dad isn't the kind if person that kills and the only reason head a mental break down was because of his job. Since his job was a government job he had a lot of secrets to keep and eventually he could take it anymore. Although we had a lot of money at the time you could always tell that he wasn't happy. Then this happened and it's true that this tradegy that happened in ripon was an attempt of suicide, but after his time in jail. He had time to calm down and realize that his life was the best it could of been because we has a wonderful wife, a talented step son who wasn't even a step son to him he only called him Anthony or son, and then me his only daughter who loves him very much. Even though none of you could ever understand what really happened that night I would like t aks of every one who sees this to think twice before saying he's a bad man because he is not. He got out of jail because he was a good man and he still is. So thank you if you took the time to read all of this and please don't hate him just because of one mistake.  (Jul 18, 2012 | post #46)

Ripon, CA

Cops Angry Over Sentence for Man Who Shot at Police Station

That man that was given a second chance is my dad for you people who don't know anything about what happened because the police don't know anything are really rude. He only did that because of his job and the secrets he had to keep because it was a government job. He would never shoot someone and he ever will. I was in that house when it happened I was the one who cry day and night waiting for my dad to come home. Moving to a new city and not have one of your parents and not knowing if they will come home is hard to go through. So don't even think for one minute that you know him and that you know better.  (Jul 18, 2012 | post #45)