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Aug 16, 2011

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nokia e6

I want to buy a Nokia E6, but it hasn't been released in germany yet, although it's available online. The problem is that if you buy from a reseller, there's no Nokia warranty unless you cough up an extra 40 euro for the store's warranty & send the phone to Washington. Nokia told me they do NOT honor an "internationa l" sale. So, those of you with Nokia experience: does it matter? If you've bought this phone, how has it performed? Any recommendations besides waiting for germany release?. www.commentslibrar  (Sep 29, 2011 | post #1)


motorola xoom 10.1" android tablet review

Motorola Xoom; It is the first Android 3.0 OS. device(Honeycomb). It was Google's reference device (Now android 3.2 applicable).This is itÂ’s good side. It is a more complete device with Flash support and advanced multitasking. The Motorola Xoom tablet is probably the best competition iPad2 has ever seen....... READ MORE http://www.comment  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #1)

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Can you make money Blogging?

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Can you make money Blogging?

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Can you make money Blogging?

Currently most of the people making money online using Blogging. All of us know that Google Adsense best populer way to make money online with your Blog. click http://www.wordpre egory/how-to-make- money-from-wordpre ss for more information.  (Aug 16, 2011 | post #1)