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Jul 19, 2010

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Little Elm, TX

Garage Sale Sat 07/28 - great electronic deals!! Some n...

Ex- Ebay Power seller garage sell this Saturay!! July 28th 8:00AM till 1:00 only!!!! Cleaning out my storage unit -- not trying to get rich just clean house!! Prices may seem to low for quality merchandise but I really want to sell everything. If not it all goes to charity. 2476 Yuma Dr. Little Elm. Tx 75068 Saturday 07/28 only!! 8:00 AM till 1:00PM or all is sold! These are e the deals you always look for on CL but rarely find!! --Actual deals we all look for on Craigs List but rarely find!! -- Lots of electronics -- 0 65! inch Sony Wega HD TV! Has a small blue hue in the lower corner. I think it needs a new bulb. It's a DLP so the bulb can be replaced easily w/out a service call. Great media room TV. I just replaced it so I don't need 2! Hooked up in my garage! So you can see it! $300 or $350 with stand! (see pic!) • Older 55 inch Hitachi big screen tv. Works but needs adjustment and maybe a service call -- Great deal for someone willing to a l'il leg work. You must carry out from second floor! $50 • Sony Blu-ray DVD player -- bought in January of thei year! Great player! Using to demo the 65" TV but will sale separately!! $40 • RCA receiver, 5 surround speakers plus a brand new subwoofer!! $44 takes the entire system! (see pic!) • All in one printer - copy,scan, print Best offer • Heavy duty bicycle rack , VCR palyers, 300+ Cd player & storage unit can plug in a keyboard and maintain your CD collection! • Multi drill, saw , flash light drill set (see pic) - $30 0 Nakamichi CD fm radio stereo! • Awesome revolving DVD/CD storage unit! (see pic) $40 • Much more!! • Cap'n Cook Stainless Grill -- Great for stainless salvage! Could be restored but is not cleaned. Great steak grill! Temps over 550 degrees!! • some very nice Big an Tall men's clothing (used to work at Neiman Marcus!) • Car/truck to w hitches incl. one heavy duty solid steel hitch. Used for 34 foot boat! MORE!!!  (Jul 27, 2012 | post #1)

Little Elm, TX

New Select Basketball team with unusual approach

We are starting a new 'select' basketball team. The team will play in the Frisco, Plano, Colony, Lake Dallas area. It'll provide league play, local tournaments and hands on training with a professional and NBA experience. The team is not simply constructed to win every game. This overall approach to training, & overall development will produce wins as by-product of the kids improvement. It is designed to teach your kid superior NBA style technique in a professional environment surrounded by successful professionals. There are many dedicated guys who coach local teams the best they can. We salute them. However 7 - 8th grade players are at the point where they need a higher level of training. Training the average ‘Joe’ can't provide. Remember, high school selection is right around the corner. This complete program is a step above all others 'cause it is coached by an ex-professional player!. A college standout all American & top overseas player. He joined the Atlanta Hawks where he had a career ending injury. An additional bonus, he has a son who is a fine basketball player (and excellent student) but his son is not on this team! We've all watched coaches favor their kid(s) to the exclusion of other possibly superior athletes. He has an outstanding network of current NBA players(that he’s trained and consulted), national media associations even a PH.D. NBA consultant who specializes in motivational speaking and teaching players to interface with the media (interview training etc.) Coaches God father is currently a very well known and successful NBA head coach. His father played pro baseball MLB & has a World Series ring!. His brother is a major TV actor on a current hit series. I mention these things not to brag but to try and convey this is more than a 'team'. It’s led by more than a ‘coach’. It's an opportunity to join an environment of success....from the ground floor. Please contact me if you are interested. Try-outs are coming very soon. However, I can arrange a workout with the team prior to actual try-outs. [email protected] .com  (Feb 17, 2012 | post #1)

Prosper, TX

Where's the Beef??? Need a good butcher / meat markert

I love living in Frisco / Lil Elm area (cattle country right?) but I'm really dissappointed in the lack of butcher's / meat markets!?!?! I had a favorite Daniels on 380! They closed last week! It was perfect! Not upscale so prices were really good. Really nice choice and prime grades of meat. Family owned! I gotta feeling there are more like Daniel's but I need some help identifying them! Help someone! P.S. i have found a multitude of hispanic meat markets which are great for fajitas and mexican dishes but none seem to offer the better cuts as well. Thanks in advance!  (Jul 19, 2010 | post #1)