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Sep 26, 2012

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Never Made Mistaken,But Lose The Competition

Have you felt the business get hard? Hav you conplained that the economy is not good current.but it is also time for you to beat your competitor,which depend on you.not your competitor. Almost everyone know the story about the Motolona and Nokia, then the story of Nokia and Apple.Also the story of Kodia.they are buy guy, they perhaps never make big mistaken, and they are working hard on their products, but they lose the competition. The big guy have the lesson, what about us? small retailer business and international furniture trade business. Nowaday, even you work hard, but you are losing the market step by step. what's more, your competitor is not the same competitor as before,but they still don't know what happened at all. as you just focus on your own thing. Let us list the traditional international trade business. The importer or the super market group buy the products from the factory in China.they do some sourcing & inspection and arrange the shipping. As their quantity is very large, they get a better price from the factory. then ship to their warehouse in the importer country,unload the container in the warehouse, put them in the warehouse. If the retailer or the single shop need some of them, they send out by pallet or by transport company. so the guy should load the lorry. Ple keep in mind ,the container to the importer's warehouse, unload it, then load it to the retailer's warehouse. Can we image that if the container to the retailer's warehouse directly or to the final customer directly? how many cost will be save?At this time there are maybe a question from you? the retailer or the single shop cannot need a single products,they need more than 10-20items, how to send the container directly from the import port or from the factory in everyone know we only can buy 2-3 items in a supplier.we cannot get them mix at all. So if we solve the problem, you must save a lot of cost. then you must win the competition.if you not, your competitor do this, you will lose the game even you work hard by the traditional way. But, how to solve the problem? Agile Cubic organize a lot of indentance retailr's order to the factory, Agile Cubic then get a better price from them. also they can provide the mix container service.Like this, your botton cost will be much lower than your competitor. If you can work hard by the same time,the loser cannot be you.  (Sep 29, 2012 | post #1)

New York, NY

eBay Business Secrets Available For Free Online, Publishe...

a good idea, and maybe you can try big items, such as furniture.which is easy for the ebay re-seller  (Sep 27, 2012 | post #1)

Business News

How to make full use of your freight when buy furniture

The Sea Frieght is getting high those days, as the current economy situation. the shipping company deduce some ship line to crash the transport capiability. For the furniture importer, we should make full use your container. don't waste your transport cost on the road. Here we would like to list some tips to make full use of the container. 1, Use the load software to calculate your goods, when you place your order. Keep in mind.20' normal container just can load 27m3--28m3. but the software can help you to load about 30M3.the same thing to 40'HQ. 2.Try to use the 40'HQ, not 20'GP and 40'GP. which can save your inland truck fee. you can image that 20'GP or 40'GP use a lorry, but 40'HQ also use a lorry.also 40'HQ is almost the same price with 40'GP. but 40'HG have about 10M3 more. 3.When you buy some products, you should think some size and packing size of your products, maybe you just deduce 1cm or 2cm of your products, you can load more products in your container.but 1cm or 2cm of your products have nothing to your customer. 4.Design your packing of your products, the same product can have several packing way, there are a way to make full use of your container. 5.Try to ship your order to your customer directly, not to your warehouse, then from your warehouse customer's warehouse.which means you must have worker to unload the container, and load the lorry to your customer.also you must cost more inland lorry freight. 6.Try to mix some different items. sometime if you just load one single item, as the packing size, you maybe cannot make full use of the container,but if you can mix some different products, you can make more CBM in the container. 7, Try to keep the same shipping forwarder,then you can get a better rate. 7. No matter how you can save your freight, you must protect your products well. otherwise you will lose more.  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #1)