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Aug 18, 2012

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Cleveland, OH

One Dead After Road Rage Incident

I would love to know what exactly you do for a living, that you are paying out all these 'tax dollars' supporting the world, you are such a martyr and single moms of the world are in debted to you for all you do; yet I can't help but wonder how you have all this time to verbally berate a grieving family. I knew Charlie a long long time ago, I actually just stumbled on this and it breaks my heart. I am glad however, that there has been this gap in time since your ignorant, self-rightous posts, karma is patient, if he has not got you yet he will, plz keep us all updated and remember, when it comes back around on you, it's Charlie kicking you in your booty for hurting his loved ones when they already hurt. Remeber to hold ur tongue, God has his eye on you and he'll pass that final judgement, NOT YOU.So run at ur mouth,spew ur venom, truth is u r probably a lonely scared little person who has to attack grieving families online b/c you are to pathetic to go out and create a 'real' life for urself. I'm sorry for everyones loss, man I miss u chuckie  (Aug 18, 2012 | post #526)