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Feb 10, 2010

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Farmingdale, NY

accident at midwood and matthew, august 10th, 10:30am

just heard that someone was hit by a car at the intersection of matthew and midwood about an hour and1/2 ago.... no other info offered by Newsday other then the 'pedestrian' was injured... any info out there?  (Aug 10, 2011 | post #1)

Oneida, NY

Who killed Tammy Mahoney

I grew up in the same town as Tammy, did not know her well, but what I knew of her, she was sweet, with such a good nature. I did not know until years later about her disapearance and it was shocking. Tammy had a few sisters, besides mother and they were all suffering, not knowing what happened to her, and imagining must be worse. I do hope they get closure and at least get her body to bring home. Hopefully, Tammy is RIP... where ever she is...  (Jun 19, 2011 | post #125)

Chicago, IL

Amy 9-2-10

lw1-why should this 'son' be grateful that DAD remained up to date on support payments? and made a college fund? The support payments were ordered by law, and possibly the college funds too. Dad seems to have thought of his son as a business transaction and his son picked that up. Now his son wants to meet the rest of his family, Dad should try to see if he has an emotional side he can show his son. lw2-Tell her all contact must end NOW and you are going to check her phone calls and the bills. Both must go to counselling. If she is serious about working on the marriage, she will do it. If she goes back to calling, he can't trust her and she does not care about keeping her family together, divorce her on grounds of infidelity. Women do it to men ALL THE TIME. Sue for custody of your children. lw3-This should be done all the time. When you order flowers that are being sent to a different location, you do not know what florist in the recipient's area is getting the order. (FTD, 1-800-flowers, etc have florists under contract). Obviously, in any profession, you have your good and you have your 'I don't give a s***. And these people might be running low on flowers, flowers are fading because they are a few days old, etc. and they figure these phone orders are NOT THEIR REGULAR CUSTOMERS AND THEY WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN.(maybe the recipient though). and they are counting that the recipient will not have the nerve to call the giver and say the flowers are CRAP. CALL THE GIVER-you know they paid big bucks for those flowers. The giver was cheated, the original co. was cheated and so WERE YOU. some people need a backbone, no screaming, but just complain.  (Sep 2, 2010 | post #7)

Chicago, IL

Dear Abby 8-5-10

lw1-if neighbors that just 'pop in'-hope they do it to check up. Anyhooo, I do the same thing at times. Have Fibromyalgia, arthritis, and sometimes, I NEED A HARD SURFACE and I prefer a cold one. If this is the most embarrassing 'thing' the neighbors see WHEN THEY BARGE IN, she is lucky. (her DR. might have suggested laying on a 'hard' surface) lw2- hey, the person sends cards, if the receipiant gets upset about the ink, screw them. They were remembered. The card sender sounds like she likes added feeling to the cards and YES, THEY HAVE TOO MUCH TIME IN THE OFFICE, LAYOFFS ARE COMING. lw3-I am overweight. Okay, FAT. Not like anything on the discovery channel. BUT, if I broke any furniture, I would be humiliated. Try to pay to fix it and if my husband and I were each over 300,400 whatever and breaking furniture (we have an elderly uncle who had to be at one point well over 350, but never broke anything, but always sat on recliners at our home), I would ask where to sit or bring something or STAY AWAY. How humiliating, but I would never develope an attitude. It's my fat, not theirs.  (Aug 5, 2010 | post #18)

Chicago, IL

Abby 8-2-10

lw1-doesn't matter how many PSA every newspapers, columns, etc. are written, because the people who need them, DON'T HAVE COMMON SENSE, DON'T READ THEM. The two that left their 6 week old in a car while in a pharmacy-why couldn't ONE OF THEM GO IN? What about the chance of someone stealing the baby out of the car? OH, right, how many times do you read- 'I never thought it would happen around here.' CRIME, BAD THINGS HAPPEN IN EVERY TOWN, NOT JUST HIGH CRIME TOWNS. lw2- There is more not said. WHY WOULD PARENTS ATTEND THEIR DAUGHTER'S WEDDING? 'Honey, Mom's got to work OT this Saturday, and YOU know what a workaholic she is, SO, we won't be at your wedding, and I won't be able to walk you done the aisle. Why don't you see if Charlie down the block will do it'. I really think that there is a lot more hard feelings between her and her parents and they probably used work as an excuse. Probably did not like her husband, or something like that and the daughter will not admit it or see it. Anyway, get over it, it is just part of a ceremony, the most important part was the joining as husband and wife.  (Aug 2, 2010 | post #16)

Farmingdale, NY

L.I. Man Charged With Sending Sexual Online Messages to a...

L.I. Man Charged With Sending Sexual Online Messages to ‘Child’ By Long Island Press on Jul 30th, 2010 A 45-year-old South Farmingdale was arrested for sending sexually explicit Internet messages to an undercover officer that he believed was a minor, Nassau County police said. Kevin McClorey engaged in “online sexual activity with someone he believed to be a 14-year-old child who actually was an undercover Phoenix Arizona police officer,” police said in a statement. McClorey was charged with attempted disseminating indecent material to a minor and attempted endangering the welfare of a child. This 'MAN' is one of our Fire Commissioners and a member of the South Farmingdale Fire Dept. Will this man, if found GUILTY, and put on a sexual predators list, be able to keep his position as a fire commissioner and member of the fire dept? Will he be stripped of his benefits that he receives as commissioner?  (Aug 1, 2010 | post #1)

Chicago, IL

Ask Amy 3-6

lw1-lighten up-as long as she doesn't post it all over the internet, make copies and put it all over work, who cares? there are going to be alot of times when people do not look their best. so what? is it that important in the grand sceme of the things? lw2-my husband is like that with his mother. she has dementia and I beg him to call. She never wants to talk to me. I do not know why I can't get him to call, I tell him it is a good example for the kids, but he will not listen. Any suggestions? lw3-Grandpa is like my husband. It is up to me to get up and offer uninvited guests something. Again, why didn't GJ offer them something? Anyhoo, if I stop by someone's house, I do not expect refreshments. Neither should anyone else. I guess it would be nice, but, not expected. Have a great weekend everyone. :)  (Mar 6, 2010 | post #5)

Chicago, IL

Dear Abby 03/06/10

lw1-I agree, if she didn't have a wedding planner, she could have googled this, or bought a wedding planning book. lw2-how is this sister finding out where where she is going MONTHS from now? Just tell her this is WORK and those other times, she had permission. WHY can she NOT talk to her sister? ASK her if she ever heard of other people bringing their Wives to work to watch, their kids, other than take your child to work week. If she is truely interested, she has to go to school and start at the beginning, like EVERYONE ELSE. lw3-how does she not know she wasn't premature? My daughter was 6lb 9 oz and my son was 7lb 11 oz and they were both born in my 35th week-I am a diabetic, and yes, the dates were right. I had problems with both of them and my diabetes went wild the last month I carried them, causing huge weight gain for the babies. I do disagree with Abby though. If something bothers you enough, you should always talk to someone. I don't get why she NEVER did the math YEARS ago. like, they are celebrating their 10th anniversary and hey, I was born 8, 7 months later. I would sit down with her alone though, not with her sister and not be accusing. Maybe she was born early. Maybe not, but maybe it will open up better communication with her and her mother, something I never had and wish I did. Have a great weekend everyone. :)  (Mar 6, 2010 | post #4)

Chicago, IL

Dear Abby 3-5-10

lw1-an irregular mole-possibly cancer, she, we assume is sleeping with him, because he is taking off his shirt, AND she can't talk to him that something might be LIFE THREATENING wrong with him? or does she not realize about melonmas ? (sorry for the spelling) lw2-Mom said they are signing them, are they mailing them in? If they are mailing them in, the gov't WILL be 'a calling' if they are 'not a paying'. IRS does not like that. BUT, when they try to access penalties, say you want the 'Charlie Rangel Treatment' the NY congressman who 'forgot' to declare $500k of income and the IRS did NOT access any penalties on him. One other congressman, one from Texas said we should enact the CR law, because the gov't should not get special tx. lw3-I just figure anyone over 25, if you are dating a year or two, you should be engaged, by year 3, married. Life is short. I have a friend, she started 'dating' someone the same time I did, when I was 28, she was 29. I got married within 9 months, fast, I agree. 17 years, later, it ended, she was not engaged, or married, he dropped dead. She was 46. She had wanted kids, but she was a doormat, she never lived with him. He died because cocaine had damaged his heart. She did not even KNOW he was using drugs, so she said. He would leave her house(her mother's house) and go meet his friends and do coke. I knew this, but I never said anything, because I thought she knew, that whole group did coke. anyhoo, she has found another one just like him. Seeing this guy for 2 years now. Was talking at 49 of having a child. I think I need to beat some sense into her, but I don't think it would do any good. What happened in her childhood that would make her such a doormat?  (Mar 5, 2010 | post #40)

Chicago, IL

Dear Abby 03/03/10

lw2-don't totally agree with abby on this, yes, if she can keep her daughter away from dear sweet grandma, but, she might not be able to do that. After all, I agree with you guys, she is a doormat. AND, she is letting her daughter be one. Time to sit down with Mommy dearest and tell her to buy another doormat. Re introduce her to her granddaugher. Seems like Mother is going back to another century were men were everything and women were dowery, items. Make sure she is just not doing this because she is seeing them only once every few years, THEN, point out your daughter has done things far above her cousins and she has NEVER given one compliment to her. Some women can not give another woman a compliment. Again, 'we are not worth it'. Sad, and this woman will continue to 'fetch' for her mother. maybe she needs the 'balls' to stop for a while. lw1-his girlfriend is immature at 60, probably was all her life. Thinking she can make him faithful by holding on to a bottle of pills. There are other things to faithfulness besides intercourse. Sad. Considering that women outnumber men later on in life, he should find someone more trusting. lw3-Oh, just give your aunt compliments. She's fishing, she obviously is feeling down, she needs a pick me up. Is is going to kill the lw to tell a little white lie to make an older person feel good? And she needed to write in for this? Would she write in if a friend with end stage cancer asks if she still looks good despite being revaged by chemo and she doesn't and 'I don't know what to say?' Geesh, a little lie is fine if it makes someone down feel good. Where is everyone's common sense and decency?  (Mar 3, 2010 | post #8)

Chicago, IL

Ask Amy 3-2

lw2-there are many reasons why people do not entertain. I am one of those people. I have chronic pain/fibromyalgia. My husband and kids had ADD. I NEVER feel my house is up to entertaining. I have anxiety attacks over it. BUT, I am up front about it. Years ago, before I had kids, my husband had friends that would have us over, but I never had them over, and the wife would ask him why. Well, the wife was neurotic about dogs, any type of dogs and made her 4 kids neurotic about them too. At the time we had 3 large dogs, passive, but large. All these kids had to do was see a dog and they would launch into a panic attack. My husband said, ' we have 3 dogs, and there is no place to hide them while you are here, that is why you haven't been invited' . It quieted her down. Over the years, though, we have had baptisms and other religious events out at restaurants.  (Mar 2, 2010 | post #9)

Chicago, IL

Dear Abby 3-2

L1-what is she so uptight about? If it does bother her so much, yes, wear your gym clothes back and forth to the gym. L2-Her mind should be on her job, BUT, still, her daughter is 14 and parents should not be doing this without other parents' permission. I would be pissed as hell if it wasn't able to be washed out. yes, my daughter does stuff to her hair, but always with my permission. L3-Well, at least they want to get married before living together, but they must tell people that they are getting married in a civil ceremony before the religious one. What I do not understand is where he lives now. It says when he goes to graduate school, he will need a place to live-where does he live now? ('he needs a place to live or its back home (????)) Something is being left out. Like, where he was living up until going to graduate school and why he can't continue there and why this was not thought of when they got engaged. If they do not follow Abby's advice, and people find out they got married, they will lose alot of friends. People will feel deceived. I know in France and probably other countries, you do a civil service first, but, c'est la vie, we are not living in France, so you can't do what the french do. Civil ceremony, religious ceremony months later=a small party, otherwise it looks like a money/gift grabber  (Mar 2, 2010 | post #6)

Chicago, IL

Dear Amy 2-27

lw1-really-how many SMART people want to socialize with their boss? resign from the club. lw2-blah, blah, blah, he will feel uncomfortable, (meaning, I am going to be uncomfortable, because my friends are going to be PARTYING!!!!! and I have to behave myself around Raul, even though he is HOT, HOT, HOT, because I brought George who has never even seen me tipsy never mind do a shot of tequilla, I am going to be SOOO BORED!!!!, HOW CAN I MAKE HIM STAY HOOOOMMMMMMEEEEEEE ???????) lw3-Hospitals let other relatives hold newborn premature babies? things have changed in 10 years. Don't care if it happened to this person 40 years ago, what happened to learning from experience?  (Feb 27, 2010 | post #13)

Chicago, IL

Dear Abby 2-27

lw1-IF they are both teenagers, she might, probably is being pressured by her friends. As in, 'oh, he isn't trying anything? he doesn't love you. He must be doing it with someone else.' Or, she is horney. Or is doing what she thinks she needs to do to hold on to him. Or is trying to get pregnant to really hold on to him. PICK ONE OF THE ABOVE. I have a teenage girl, her moods change by the minute and I can't figure her out. all I know is if he has sex with her, USE PROTECTION. lw2-agree. have the girl over. Alot of things could happen, but if they do invite her over, just say you only do playdates at your house. It might never come up. If they have a disfunctional house, they might never even want to 'host a playdate' lw3-OCD my son has obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He will only wear certain clothes. Certain clothes he feels comfortable with, even if they were dirty, if the others were not clean. I have enough and bought clothes that I KNOW he will wear. he says some clothes make him 'itchy', he will not wear clothes that are bright, with patterns, etc. Look past the wrinkles, stains, etc. and see if there is something similiar. Or maybe the 'new' clothes need a few washings to get rid of the 'new' itch, new look. Slowly weed out the disgusting clothes. My husband keeps out disgusting t shirts that are barely being held together. I throw them out, one at a time. deny deny deny. But if he argues, I would say he has OCD or something along that line. NO ONE should be that possessive of old crap  (Feb 27, 2010 | post #10)

Chicago, IL

Dear Abby 02/25/10

lw1-I think it is fine that this man has found someone outside the family to talk to. Unless this woman is into his finances, than there is need for concern. So many seniors, and others, (my own mother was just 40) lose their spouse, and just turn to family members and turn out the outside world. They lose friendships and sink into depressions. The daughter needs to know he needs friendships, not just his kids and grandchildren. Besides, after a few months, they will be too busy for him. lw2-the situation sounds on the verge of being a sick situation. How are the girl's parents not concerned? This girl is on the edge of being a teen, her hormones are probably already starting if she is already attaching to a person of the opposite sex, and this man is falling hook, line and sinker. This husband, she must demand he stop it now, he is starting to fall into some shady areas of the law. Does she want him to end up on a pedophile list, the type that gets mailed to all school parents? He will not just screw up his live, but the entire family. Her kids, not be able to have friends, because their father is that 'creepy' guy? (they probably already have it, since people are talking about it). She will be the pariah, married to a sex offender, they will not be able to live within a certain distance of schools, daycares, etc. STOP IT NOW! innocent or not. and since her husband likes them young, I would think he is someone to watch as a potential cheater.(she is just my secretary, she likes texting)  (Feb 25, 2010 | post #3)