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Jul 20, 2014

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son of howard robard hughes JR&jean peters born in 1959 in the coldest war ever withh 200 nukes at 200miles off miami EVERYONE BLIP`ed under the radar gride and dodged back to the bunker systems in the midwest 2000 miles away.1500 mile range missles moved most of florida north out of range.Howard JR had satelites in 1964 at the summer games in japan which were taken away by the goverment by fall 1964 for thier own useage.The worlds next satelites were all hughes geosyn in mexico and canada those in canada were shot down.STARFISH PRIME was a near space nuke war not a test and over 75% of all satelites were knocked out most russian which stopped the cuban missles from being remote controlled by russian satelites but ground controls could have still been a problem.That jet liner shoot down now in 2014 could well be by remote controls,maybe a mistake or a warning to the world to leave thier wars alone.It would be like if the united states had a civil war and russia told america to stop.America should never get drawn into a modern full scale war as WWII was a allied force and america has never been a world force ever stand alone,we would`nt get help nowadays and our population is aged and china runs america and russia runs china.Just like nafta.mexico,usa/c anada is russia/chinas GNP`s.Thinking we could stop russia/china in a world war is madder tahn mad vs mad ever was even in the coldest of cold run north wars.  (Jul 20, 2014 | post #1)