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May 16, 2013

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JFK bobby kingxs and open season for killroys

JFK opened season on the civil rights movement as did king X and bobby and now we see a rightwing with almost total 100% control 1% owns99% and laws are`nt for them they are for the slaves with broken unions and powerless legal powers.The first TV i remember is JFK brains flying which NOW the networks say they never aired but I saw it millions of times as they are now airing his hair brain and skull cap falling on the ground after his wife tryed to grab it same old in your face KILROY~SS^^^ trying to keep everyone shut up and down by still airing the FN shock film on joe Q.I got my fair share of wounds back than also a 22 long to the left front lobe,a arrow in the midbrain and 38 to the back of the right brain a 30/30 though the right kiddney a 9mm in the right lung stab wounds beatings draggings burnt 30% broken bones busted skull cut of ear lip nose and fingers and toes still have all the scars and the fixs.It was total open season for any and all who wanted anyone one dead as you see even the president was`nt safe or the preacher or the hughe`s kid or anyone as thye still aren`t due to the rightwing kilroy~SS^^^ building FN endless war in the name of?  (Nov 21, 2013 | post #1)


jfk&bobby and the death of the left

John was shot dead with the network netwookie`ss still posting those films this time his wife is trying to grab his skull cap hair and part of his brain as in if to say shut up america or we`ll post your bloody photos also forever.The netwookies should pay damages to anyone and evryone subjected to thier death shot films,they real start of shock TV was the death of the kennedys fighting for the democrats and civil rights of working class america.Everyone knew bobby would be shot dead also it was public talk.But the blue print of fighting the mob had to go on.Now 1% runs the show top to ground and there is no left left only the right saying for FOX that they will tell you how to interpet the voice of the left while kicking them to dust.TV is dead that is some justics for bobby and JFK but the fed trade laws are`nt enforced thusly the country is getto just as JFK and bobby predicted maybe someone will pick up that blue print and enforce the fed trade laws so te the 99% can get back into the country now owned by china puppets of the right  (Nov 21, 2013 | post #1)


jimmy kimmel china joke

to fix the trade tables america should`nt kill anyone in china/they kill thier own as we also year old child of howard robard hughesjr&jean peters with endless friends/witnesses killed by hollywood power club of studio heads/war contactors stealing howard hughes thunders and funds.SS ZZ ROBERT TAYLOR CBS PUPPET actor killroy murder atempt on my life at age seven through and through he pulled the trigger on me but hit himself in the heart still have the scars from that through&throug h GOP~SS^^^ coke bottle killers dispatced by mason frat broad casters by radar and earth mic thermal scanning.still killing in the name of fully synratronical 3D broadcast wireless warfares  (Nov 11, 2013 | post #1)


banana hughes`s testicals

howard robard hughes jr`s son by jean peters born in 1961 with is testicals also nailed to the ground by CBS/fox warner bros as dad was also/mom also got the death ray~SS^^^ witnesses friends step family also got the netwookie`ss death broad cast rays and ripoff coverup  (Nov 11, 2013 | post #1)


HHMI brain mapping actives

HHMI nano tools for neuroscience and brain active mapping used as cover up warfare on howard robard hughes JR myself and my loved ones for the money power and control.Brain mapping charting ploting tracking ego thermal x ray and sound scanning satellites and broad cast systems.GOP frat masons and 1% whom ripped off the patent rights and whom took over the first world broadcast system Hughes's 1964 japan summer games broadcast live via Hughes's geosyns satelites taken away by fall 1964 for the GOP frat~SS.TOM SLICK`s brain studys also ripped and used for warfare and tom slick murdered by the GOP as was howard hughes JR and howard hughes SR and jean peters and son on and on and on it goes MURDER INC since 1934 whom howard JR fought all of his hidden for a reason lifetime  (May 19, 2013 | post #1)


banana hughes

banana never left as he invented the either/internets via closed circuts and geosyn patented satellite linkages all hughes`s  (May 19, 2013 | post #3)


banana hughes

Son of Top banana howard robard hughes Jr and jean peters born in the cold war in 1961 under the Cuban/Russia missles  (May 16, 2013 | post #1)