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Jul 2, 2011

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I have personal experience with having completely healed from severe diabetes, its complications, and other 'incurable' diseases. The severe diabetes I had was a combination of Type 1 and Type 2 as well as other sub-varieties that the medical system does not want you to know about. In 2008, when I first began to post my thoughts, many diabetic discussion groups refused to allow other diabetics to know of my accomplishment. They interpreted my story as nothing more than a version of a snake-oil salesman selling something! In a normal world, successes similar to mine are usually celebrated. But in a world where the diabetes/medical industry keeps diabetics chained much like prisoners in jail, my fellow diabetics work extra hard to keep my achievement suppressed. Everyone believes the lie that this disease is truly incurable! Little do they realize that by believing in the lie, this is a sure-fire recipe for their continued enslavement. If you are ready to break the mold, then please join me in my efforts to inspire and give some real hope to others. I have amassed over 200 years of research in a little period of just over three and half years. In a tumultuous sea of deception, my website stands as a beacon of light. When you read my Logic of Healing, you will quickly realize that it surpasses the edicts and the false logic of the medical industry: www.TruthVisionary .com  (Jul 20, 2011 | post #23)

My introduction: I am an ex-diabetic that is going public!

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Greetings Varun and many others, Have you ever read about someone who had both Type 1 and Type 2? I had both (and a few other types that most people do not know about) and almost died four years ago. In India, there is the 5000-year plus science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda knows of more than 20 different types of diabetes. But the history of medical science is just close to 200 years. Medical science only came up with Type 1 and 2! Do you know there is something that sets me apart from everyone else? I have a background in working with good logic and reasoning. You can already discern this in the first few sentences of what I have written. I have demonstrated the contrast between western medical science and Ayurveda. So, when the medical system told me that diabetes is incurable, I already knew that that was a lie. “No physician can ever say that any disease is incurable. To say so blasphemes God, blasphemes Nature, and depreciates the great architect of Creation. The disease does not exist, regardless of how terrible it may be, for which God has not provided the corresponding cure.” --Paracelsus. To get well, I never accepted the medical lies that contravene Nature. Once you figure out the lie and work with 100% truth-based information, then and only then, can you completely heal. This is what I did. Two doctors fired me. To completely heal, this is just one price I paid. But, it is a lot cheaper than being lied to and then continuing to suffer for the rest of one’s life is it not? Now, a few of you will ask me how did I do this? If I try to explain here, I will be ridiculed. This has happened to me many times. I have been banned on other groups. In the spring of 2008, when I first began exposing the truth on a few diabetic forums, people who had difficulty discerning the difference between truth and deception drowned out my message. Therefore, my message was lost. But many will say that I am making all of this up... that I am a snake oil salesman... that I am here to make money...and other foul language, angry words plus other techniques were used and, once again will be used to poison your mind away from the truth in my message. Beware!! Do not feel afraid. Be courageous and brave. Discern the truth in my message. Stay focused on the message. Develop your ability to use good logic and reasoning! In order to completely heal, you must have a strong foundation. Good logic and reasoning are the cornerstones of this foundation.  (Jul 5, 2011 | post #73)

My introduction: I am an ex-diabetic that is going public!

I am offering my fellow diabetics, a small glimpse of the enormity of this misdirection at my public website. I am throwing out a life jacket for people whom the medical system guarantees will drown in the sea of incurability. If you can grasp some of the logic that I introduce your mind to, then you will be way ahead of other diabetics who will never have a clue that one can completely heal as I did. To fully appreciate and benefit from what I present, you must develop the skill of discerning the truth amidst all the deception. For those that feel inspired to visit my website, I sternly warn any prospective reader that my information will go entirely against what the medical system teaches. There is a reason for this. For more than 200 years, the medical establishment has never had a clue on how all forms of diabetes and many so-called ‘incurable’ diseases can be completely healed. But they have lots of research substantiating their position that diabetes is most definitely incurable. For one who knows like I do, a research study is not required. Like the Nike slogan, I am more interested in just doing it and becoming healthy again. Is it not true that when we are sick, we just want to become better? It is natural for us to do this, correct? Similarly, it is just as natural for us to ensure that our children whom we love so dearly, that when they get sick, we want them to get better. We want to see them full of vitality. We want to see the smiles on their faces once again. Just like any parent who wants to see their sick children become healthy again, I have a personal interest in seeing the faces of my fellow diabetics, become completely healed. But when I read about diabetics setting records of having this dreaded disease for 10, 20 or even more years, and the industry gives awards to them, I know that there is something terribly wrong with that picture. Would it ever make sense to give awards to our children whom we love so dearly, for remaining sick? Could we intend any of that suffering upon them? Of course not. We would want them to be healthy and vibrant again. But no one in their right mind would do the opposite, would they? Oh, but they do. They are doing this to young and old, alike. Everybody is being purposely setup. Read more about those awards and then you will know what I mean. http://www.imperia ors/duk-medals At my website, you can read a little bit more about what I propose for people who graduate from diabetes. Since the beginning of June, I have gone public in a big way. I have put an ad in a free health magazine published in Toronto, Ontario, named “Vitality” – the trusted source for natural health solutions. Because most diabetic forums have policies against what they consider as marketing and particularly in 2008, when I first wrote my articles and sent them out, a few diabetic forums were quick to label my writings as the work of a snake-oil salesman, and therefore, for that reason, I will not post my website here. I am not interested in having my voice drowned out by the protagonists and shills of the diabetic industry. If you want more information, please contact me. The website is: www.truthvisionary .com  (Jul 2, 2011 | post #2)

My introduction: I am an ex-diabetic that is going public!

I am an ex-diabetic. I do not have diabetes anymore. I say this because it is true. I am not making this up. But you might think I am. This is because you and I and every other diabetic, lives in a world where the medical and diabetes industries say that such an achievement is impossible. Four years ago, while I struggled with the severity of the symptoms of severe diabetes such as non-stop urination, extreme thirst and a hunger that would not go away and many other symptoms (I’ve described them on my website), little did I know that I had to fight the onslaught of medical information, too. While witnessing many symptoms that occurred in rapid succession and with such brutal force, I knew I was dying. I was losing weight fast. As I observed my physical body wither away, my intuition guided me along my journey to health. At the time, I had no idea that I was the target of misdirection. But, I do know now. From the perspective of having completely healed and having done the research, I can tell you that the enormity of the misdirection is quite vast. more...  (Jul 2, 2011 | post #1)