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Jan 29, 2008

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Lexington Park, MD

Needing better inexpensive options for before and after c...

Many working people and students that have children cannot not always afford the rising costs of child care. Although you want the best care, many of those places tend to fill up quickly, especially if they have return customers from the previous school year. Not every school in the county has an option of using the Recreation and Parks program that is affiliated with several schools and of course with all due respect-teachers have a life too, so it is difficult to find volunteers to be a part of the early morning and late day programs.  (Jan 29, 2008 | post #1)

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St. Mary's County

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Not around anymore but, I loved the local Happy Hamburger-Shakey's Pizza-Skate Station

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Writing Newsletters and Revamping resumes

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I like to look at both sides of the issue

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Good books, HOUSE (TV Show)

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Good times, good food, peace, love, happiness, and helping our children be a positive part of the future.