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Jun 19, 2014

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New ice cream truck

He said he travels from Huntington to Charleston, maybe he'll come ur way too  (Jun 20, 2014 | post #4)

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New ice cream truck

Every time my kids hear an ice cream truck, the of course want ice cream. Well around here there has been only one "Brandon's Good Humor" or something. Anyway, we got ice cream from ONE time and NEVER again!! The place was filthy, he was rude as hell, and I'm pretty sure I saw a drug deal. The other day I was pleasantly surprised to see a different ice cream truck "Rocky's World of Ice Cream" and decided to give them a try. It was clean, the family running it was super nice, they got out and talked to us (which is far more than I could say about the other! The fact that this is a man, wife, and their child doin this is simply awesome. I remember having an ice cream truck around when I was lil and there's so many things that my kids can't experience that I did. However, they DO get the ultimate ice cream experience with Rocky's world of ice cream and I couldn't happier! Hopefully the other one will just give up cuz they have NOTHING on this Rocky's one!  (Jun 19, 2014 | post #1)