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Aug 12, 2013

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Jamestown, NY

any free kittens?

I can pick them up I'm in jmst daily I live on water off main st  (Monday Oct 17 | post #49)

Jamestown, NY

any free kittens?

I'll take any unwanted cats or kittens I live in russell pa own my own home and they would be loved and cared for I go to Dr fales.  (Sunday Oct 16 | post #47)

Jamestown, NY

rip little one

I have and do read my Bible a child has just died you creep I pray nothing ever happen to you  (Saturday Oct 15 | post #3)

Jamestown, NY

ashley cardone

your the biggest slut you are a fat nasty excuse for a person you are scam your own family wish you were never born  (Saturday Oct 15 | post #1)

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I took my son to the er after he was jumped out side of JHS. The er nurses and docs did nothing for him. He was unable to move his shoulder. they took xrays and said he was fine. They told him to start moving it so it does not get stiff. My son asked if he could have a sling they told him NO. They told me to give him Advil Well lets just say he had a really bad night he got sleep. I can his doc and the had him come to see them. His doc took him out of gym for a week WCA didn't. His doc put him in sling they don't want him moving it WCA wouldn't. They said he probably tore. his rottor cuff. So how has the new er, doc, and nurse made the hospital better. They only made it bigger. This is only one problem in a long line that I have had with WCA ER. I wouldn't take my dog there. I will go to Warren PA or Dunkirk .  (Mar 29, 2014 | post #1)