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Nov 4, 2011

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US News

Is Iran's Nuke Clock About to Strike?

that idiot must live in delaware. and another thing if you don't like america find the first plane or ship or swim to somewhere else I don't care just leave.  (Nov 9, 2011 | post #34)

US News

Is Iran's Nuke Clock About to Strike?

Yeah I'd say Iran is quite a few years behind most countries I'd say the spy capabilites are probably close enuff they could tell if the iranian dictator pissed on himself.  (Nov 7, 2011 | post #6)

Allentown, PA

Occupy Wall St - Allentown, PA

I believe at first there was people apposing in allentown now its just a bunch of homeless idiots  (Nov 5, 2011 | post #6)

Allentown, PA

Barack Obama, our next President

You people still don't learn Obama is not black.  (Nov 5, 2011 | post #481878)

Quakertown, PA

i am new here,want to make friends

Its interesting how fast people can act like children and its also interesting how this person with the name of (Disagree) has to comment about everything this other person says who cares if he on unemployment and smokes weed there nothing wrong with that just be glad your not in the same problem...  (Nov 5, 2011 | post #20)

Clearwater, FL

1345 Drew Street

Does anyone know the name of the apartment buildings at 1345 Drew Street in Clearwater Florida I looked all over the net and couldn't find nothing  (Nov 4, 2011 | post #1)