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Jul 11, 2014

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Is it true that the reason why a lot of Latina women end ...

white men mostly because they've had a bad experience with men of their own ethnic group and began to hate them, believing that all of them are wife beaters who have no respect for them? According to a lot of Y!A Questions I've read and a lot of Youtube comments I've read relating to Latino/a relationships, they say it's because they're supposedly fed up with Latino men having no respect for them. As a Latino male myself, I ironically attract more white women than my own kind, idk why. The stereotypes that I find very annoying coming from many women, including Latina women themselves is that all Latino men are: wife beaters who don't respect their women, all of them are rapist, all of them are perverts, all of them are violent thugs and all of them are womanizers/cheater s. As a Latino male myself, I'm NONE of the following. I treat everyone (including women) the way I would like them to treat me. I do tend to have a bit of a short temper but I know how to control it and my culture and gender mixed together has nothing to do with my temper, more to do with the environment that I grew up. If any person is gonna treat me like crap, then they should expect the same from me. What some people see me coming off as short-tempered, arrogant and unpleasant, I call it coming off as straight forward and honest because the environment I grew up in and the people I hung around with. I'm usually a very nice person if you're friendly but I just hate @ssholes So Latinas, what do you think of this question?  (Jul 11, 2014 | post #1)