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Sep 26, 2013

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Fort Myers, FL

Learn Digital Photography Online

[url=https://group photoextremist]Pho to Extremist Creative Photography[/url] : Evan Sharboneau - Trick photography & Special Effects - So many individuals are getting expensive digital cameras these days and they would like to are excellent and wonderful pictures that everyone will enjoy. Unfortunately, a lot of them continue to be just common or below average expert photographers as well as their pictures sketch. Primary reason because of this insufficient top quality in their pictures is not the lack of skills nevertheless. [url=http://modern]Digital Photography[/url] : A multiple exposure is where you take two images on top of one another. This used to be achieved in the days of film, where you would take one picture and then instead of advancing the film strip to the next frame to take the next picture, you would simply leave the film in the same place and take another picture right on top of it. Taking or editing the shots in Black-and-White usually produces the best results because you don't have to worry about color theory or anything like that - black and white just works. [url= 3951/Learn-Digital -Photography-Onlin e]Learn Digital Photography[/url] : I’ve spent several days searching all over the Internet to find the very best 21 up-and-coming photography websites. Each of the sites on this list are well deserving of a good read. While I have been following most of them for some time, a few of them were new to me. When you visit these sites, I would appreciate if you leave a comment letting the website owners know you found them through Improve Photography. [url=http://romiwi lls23.deviantart.c om/art/Digital-Pho tography-Tips-and- Tutorials-Ebook-38 4029649]Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials Ebook[/url] : This site has a tremendous amount of quality content. When you first get to the site, you may be tempted to skip over a lot of the content because the navigation is tricky, but I recommend hovering over the “Tips and Techniques” section to find the goods. Here’s a good post on landscape photography to get you reading.This site has great information, especially for beginning and intermediate photographers. I’d recommend this general landscape photography post as a starting point. [url= /02c1ms72uzym]Digi tal Photography Tips[/url] : The Multiple Exposure feature is located in different areas of the menu system for every camera - use your intuition, check your camera's instruction manual, or Google search to find where it is located. Here is a list of cameras that a have Multiple Exposure feature. You can scroll horizontally on that page to see all of them. Most higher end Nikon DSLRs (D300s and D800 for example) have the multiple exposure feature in the camera's menu system. Turn Auto-Gain OFF, if possible. Auto-Gain automatically attempts to neutralize the EV, which isn't useful for the high-key nature portraits. Put your camera in Aperture Priority Mode and then select your F Number (I used ~f/4). Put your camera in Spot Metering Mode.  (Sep 26, 2013 | post #2)

Fort Myers, FL

Learn Digital Photography Online

Learn Digital Photography Online  (Sep 26, 2013 | post #1)