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Business News Announces Launch of New Website

Scottsdale, AZ November 9, 2009 – today announced the new launch of it’s new e-commerce website aimed to offer the largest selection of biometric products in one portal as well as a large selection of business security products. The site features a new design, an enhanced user interface, simplified shopping, and new competitive prices. “ m was intended to be the largest portal online with a strong focus on biometric security products,” said John Stetson, Manager of Marketing for . For years, biometric products were limited in the United States and many biometric products manufactured overseas were from businesses that no one really knew anything about. As biometric solutions become more popular in the United States, “ m hopes to simplify the shopping experience by allowing individuals, businesses, and government agencies a single destination for all of their biometric and business security needs.” Concerned with an alarming rate of fraud and identity theft, a recent survey found that a growing number of consumers are open to using biometric authentication solutions. According to the report, 58 percent of US citizens noted that they would be willing to provide biometric data to verify their identity in a variety of settings. currently offers over five hundred biometric products including biometric door locks, biometric time and attendance systems, biometric safes, security safes, as well as other identity and authentication solutions. John Stetson also commented, “The largest demand at has been in the area of biometric time & attendance systems and I think we’ll see that area of the market grow exponentially in the next few years. Biometric time and attendance systems allow businesses to save thousands by eliminating man hours associated with human resource disputes and eliminating the growing trend of ‘buddy punching’ in the workplace, where employees can clock their friends in and out of a time clock for hours that they are not actually there. For more information on biometric security products for your home or business, visit the new website at http://www.avidbio About Based in Scottsdale Arizona, is a leading retailer of security safes and biometric products. The portal sells a variety of products from manufacturers such as Acroprint, Amano, BioAxxis, BioElectronix, Digital Persona, Sentry Safe, and Tychi Systems. Visit http://www.avidbio to learn more. Contact sales (@)  (Nov 10, 2009 | post #1)


Biometric attendance system in civic bodies soon

To ensure punctuality among employees of urban local bodies (ULBs), the state urban development department has decided to introduce biometric attendance system like those available at http://www.avidbio In the first phase, the system would be introduced in all the 11 municipal corporations of the state. The new system entails introduction of hand-held biometric devices which will have fingerprints of employees stored in them. The moment an employee would touch the device, the gadget would match the finger impression with that of the stored data and if both match, the attendance would be recorded. The system would be applicable for both the field and office employees and an official would be assigned the task of registering the attendance using the device. Needless to say, the new system like those available at http://www.avidbio would make latecomers mend their ways. It would also help check cases of impersonation as it has been reported that many sanitation staff send someone else from their family to do their job. "We have already invited expression of interest from agencies specialising in such devices and the process of procuring the devices should be over in a month," Bihar Urban Development Agency (BUDA) director D K Shukla told TOI on Thursday. BUDA, which works under the urban development department, has also planned to upload the data recorded by the attendance registration devices to the website of the urban development department in real time. "Apart from helping senior officials to keep a tab on the punctuality of ULBs' staff, the information on the website can also be used by common people to know how many field officials of their area are actually present on a given day," he added. To begin with, 20 such devices would be procured for Patna Municipal Corporation and 10 devices each for other municipal corporations. "Based on the experience, we would think about introducing a similar system for other ULBs of the state," Shukla said. Fore more information on biometric attendance systems visit http://www.avidbio  (Oct 16, 2009 | post #1)

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Fingerprint Safe Sale

Scottsdale AZ – October 16, 2009 -- http://www.AvidBio today announced a new promotional offer on all in stock fingerprint safes. The company offers popular fingerprint safe models from leading manufacturers such as Sentry Safe, Protex Safe, Honeywell, Smarttouch, and Tychi Systems. Sales of security safes have increased almost 50% since the downfall of the US economy and many manufacturers had a difficult time in keeping up with the demand. Furthermore as biometric technology has increased in popularity over the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in the demand for fingerprint safes. Fingerprint Safes offer the same security of standard key or combination lock safes, but provide access to the safe’s contents by simply scanning your fingerprint across a biometric scanner. These biometric models range from small security boxes to large fingerprint gun safes that can weigh up to 500 lbs. http://www.AvidBio offers a large selection of security safes and fingerprint safes and is running a promotion through November 30, 2009 where shoppers can save 10% on any fingerprint safe. Customers simply only need to enter the coupon code “fsafe10” during checkout. The coupon applies to popular brands including Sentry Safe, Protex Safe, Honeywell Safe, and popular models such as the BioBox, BioVault, and the Sentry DA3930 Customers can view the entire selection of fingerprint safes and security safes here: http://www.avidbio ric-Safes-c3/ About http://www.AvidBio Based in Scottsdale Arizona, http://www.AvidBio is a leading retailer of security safes and biometric products. For more information on Protex Safes or other security solutions, please contact at (888) 644-3250. Contact http://www.AvidBio  (Oct 16, 2009 | post #1)


Biometric Wall Vault Review by

If you’re in the market for an easy to use wall vault with the latest features, you may want to consider the SecureLogic Wall Vault available at http://www.avidbio The Wall Vault is an easy to use fingerprint vault that provides quick and easy access to valuables at an affordable price. If you’re comparing biometric safes or other wall vaults for your home or office, this Biometric Wall Vault is one that is not to be missed. Let’s take a closer look. Product Overview The Wall Vault is one of the many biometric safes available at http://www.avidbio This SecureLogic Safe offers an innovative storage solution to help protect your valuables. It can be discreetly hidden and mounted on a wall behind a picture, or can be placed in the open to provide a neat display for your valuables. Technically, this wall vault is a biometric safe that provides access with a simple fingerprint scan. The vault can provide access for up to 5 programmed users so multiple people can have access to its contents. Features The SecureLogic Wall Vault offers a lot of features for such an affordable biometric safe. It is approved by the Department of Justice for firearm storage which makes it great for storing small handguns. When it comes to organization, it includes a secondary compartment to store documents, jewelry, cash, or passports. Also, It has a cover that can be slid up or down to hide or showcase valuables depending on your needs. What’s Included? Don’t you hate buying a product, getting it out of the box, only to find that you’re missing several parts to make it work? So do we! With the SecureLogic Wall Vault from http://www.avidbio, you’re ready to go as soon as you open the box. This fingerprint safe includes: Battery charger, Rechargeable Battery, 4 mounting bolts, 4 washers, Allen wrench, 2 keys, Installation guide, Quick reference card/template, and a Warranty card. Mounting the SecureLogic Wall Vault This fingerprint safe is very easy to mount. The safe measures 16.25" W x 4.5" D and is constructed of durable stainless steel. To mount the Wall Vault, simply cut out a recommended hole size in the wall of 14.25”x14x25”. This fingerprint safe is easy installed between 2 16” on center studs making it an easy project for any do-it-yourselfer. The Results The SecureLogic WallVault (from http://www.avidbio is a dependable fingerprint safe that you will be pleased with. It offers maximum durability, it is easy to program, easy to use, has a low battery alert system, and is easy to mount. It is also available in a non-biometric version at a slightly lower price. For more information on fingerprint safes or on other wall vaults, visit http://www.avidbio where you can view their complete catalog of biometric and traditional safes, vaults, and security products.  (Oct 14, 2009 | post #1)


Fingerprint Safe Reviews

They’re secure, they’re convenient, their affordable, and you want one! Fingerprint safes are the latest trend in home security. Advances in biometric technology have advanced over recent years making fingerprint safes more dependable and durable then ever. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular selling fingerprint safes that are available online at http://www.avidbio Sentry DA3930 The Sentry DA3930 from http://www.avidbio is one of the most popular biometric fingerprint safes on the market. This safe has a biometric lock, but also is utilizes a PIN code and backup key. This safe is available for 7 users, and can store 14 fingerprints. What is great about this biometric safe is that the DA3930 offers 2 hours of fire protection with a UL rating. The DA 3930 offers solid construction, is water-resistant, and includes a key rack and multi-position tray for organizing your valuables. Sentry Safe has been manufacturing quality safe products for years and its easy to see why their products deliver and why they are so popular. This safe offers 1.2 cu. Feet of storage space and is a great entry level biometric safe with a price just above $300 from http://www.avidbio Honeywell 2096LB The Honeywell 2096LB fingerprint safe from http://www.avidbio is another popular biometric safe. This safe offers 2.14 cu. Feet of storage space and also includes water protection and a 1 hour UL fire rating for fires up to 1,700 degrees. This safe can store up to 6 fingerprints and offers multiple configurations via adjustable shelves. The 2096LB also offers a 5 year limited warranty and a lifttime after fire replacement guarantee should this fingerprint safe become damaged in a fire. Opening the safe is easy with simple biometric sensor. Simply scan your fingerprint across the sense and the safe provides access if the user is authorized. BioVault If you’re looking for a small biometric chest to hold passports, jewelry, or cash, or if you are in the market for a fingerprint gun safe that is designed for a small pistol and ammo, consider the BioVault. The BioVault from http://www.avidbio is more of a biometric security box than an actual safe, but operates in a similar fashion. It can store up to 50 users in memory and runs on 3 D-cell batteries that typically last up to 1 year under normal use. This is a great fingerprint gun safe to keep in a nightstand near your bed in the event of an emergency. You won’t have to worry about unlocking a combination in the dark, or looking for a key. Simply swipe your finger and you will have immediate access to the contents inside. These three popular fingerprint safes from http://www.avidbio are a great starting point when shopping for a biometric model. Depending on your needs, you will find a lot of fingerprint safes in various sizes and with custom configurations to help protect your valuables. The technology is better than ever and prices keep getting better and better. Be sure to choose a model from a trusted brand like Sentry, Honeywell, Tychi, Smarttouch, Protex, or from another reputable brand. Many knockoff units like those seen online auction sites, are made overseas and constructed of poor quality materials. By investing in a safe from a well known manufacturer, you can avoid the headache and find a model that works for you (and will keep working for years to come! Be sure to check out the large selection of biometric fingerprint safes at http://www.avidbio  (Oct 12, 2009 | post #1)

Human Resources

Biometric Time Clock Reviews

If you’re business wants to install a straight forward biometric time clock, like those available at http://www.avidbio, but aren’t sure where to start, one of the first products you might want to consider is a biometric time clock from BioElectronix at http://www.avidbio Let’s take a look at the Bielectronix X100 Biometric Time Clock. The X100 is the perfect biometric time clock for businesses with less than 100 employees who want a time clock that is easy to understand, easy to use, and offers the benefits of more advanced time & attendance systems, but at an affordable price at http://www.avidbio Unlike most of the time clock sold today the BioElectronix X100 is a desktop standalone device and does not require a computer to collect employee time, it records all employee information in it’s internal memory, up to 30,000 employee records can be stored in the X100 device, employee information can be then downloaded to a computer thru the quick & easy USB plug and play connection for automatically calculating and viewing the employee time and attendance records. Benefits With Fingerprint Authentication you Pay your Employees for the Exact Time They Work. No Need to Purchase, Maintain or Replace Time Sheets, Time Cards or Employee Badges Does Not Need a PC to Function, Stores 30,000 Records in it’s Internal Memory Access Control Option for Controlling Personnel Access to Doors Reduce Costly Payroll & Data Entry Errors Minimize Payroll Processing Time Reduce the Debate & Abuse of the Manual Punch Card System Avoid The Hassle of Auditing Paper based Employee Time Cards Timekeeper 2000 Software is Designed by BioElectronix, Free Updates Included Knowledgeable Sales and Technical Support Staff Here to Help You 30 Days Free Technical Support Included Features Good for up to 250 Employees Export Employee Time directly to QuickBooks (Additional fee of $99) Wall mounted Standalone Time Clock Stores 30,000 records in it’s Internal Memory Ethernet TCP/IP Network Connection Connects directly to any Computer Via Serial Comport or Serial to USB Converter Cable Track Employee Time (In / Out, Lunch, Breaks, Overtime, Holidays & Absences) Set up Rules Governing How Employee Time is Accounted for (Rounding, Early In or Late Out, Overtime) Payroll Feature Totals Employee Wages Administrator Feature to Amend Records Incomplete In & Out Reports Export Reports to QuickBooks, Paychex, Excel, Text (CSV) & to Many Payroll Providers Applications The Latest BioElectronix Fingerprint Scanning Sensor Employee Authentication Methods: Fingerprint or Pin Number Fast Fingerprint Image Scan in Under 1 Second For more information on this or other biometric time & attendance system, visit http://www.avidbio  (Oct 12, 2009 | post #1)


NCR Embeds DigitalPersona U.are.U(R) 4500HD Fingerprint S...

These are great. Check them out online at http://www.avidbio  (Oct 11, 2009 | post #1)


Protex Safe

If you’re considering adding a security safe to your home or business, you may want to consider one of the popular Protex brand security safes like those available at http://www.AvidBio Protex Safe has been manufacturing a variety of safes for years, but do their products stand the test when placed up to the competition? Your about to find out! Background Protex Safe Co specializes in safe technology with innovative security products. The Protex Safe brand has been used to develop a variety of safes including fingerprint safes, burglary safes, hotel safes, wall safes, drop boxes, depository safes and more. Your specific needs will help you determine which type of security safe will suit your home or business. Functionality After reviewing the Protex Safes available at http://www.AvidBio, we are thrilled with the variety of options you can find in any given safe. We found most of the safes to be well constructed, made of durable materials, and available in a variety of configurations. Many different model are available with combination locks, electronic locks, and fingerprint locks to provide access to the safe. Fire Resistance Although not every Protex Safe is fire resistant, Protex offers the LC series which is UL rated for one hour of fire protection for up to 1850 degrees F. As protecting documents from fire is a major concern for many buyers, we took an extra close look at this series. The LC series offers several units with combination or electronic locks and have seamless construction for added strength and appearance. When it comes to organization, these Protex Safes are available with a pull-out storage drawer or an adjustable removable shelf to help you organize documents which is a great plus! Durability Overall, Protex Safe makes very solid units that any buyer would be pleased to own. Protex offers a variety of depository safes which go above and beyond when it comes to have strength and dependability. Protex depository safes are equipped with a ½” steel plate door, spring loaded relocker, steel locking bolts, and an anti-drill lock plate for added security. Versatility Again, Protex Safe offers a variety of models to choose from – each having their own advantages. We found that many models can be selected based on locking mechanism, intended use, construction material, storage capacity, and mounting abilities. No matter which safe you choose, you can be sure that Protex Safe has a model that is right for you. Thanks to http://www.AvidBom for letting us take a peek at some of the innovative features and construction of the Protex Safe brand. When comparing security safes, be sure to browse through the entire catalog of Protex Safes online at http://www.avidbio and choose one that is right for you. After a thorough review, Protex stands up strong against the competition and can provide the peace of mind and security that you’re seeking.  (Oct 9, 2009 | post #1)


Sentry Fingerprint Safe Review

Sentry DA3930 Security Safe Review If you’re considering buying a fingerprint safe, one of the most popular safes on the market is the Sentry Safe DA3930 Biometric Safe from http://www.avidbio Straight out of the box, it is advertised that it helps protect your valuables from water, fire, and theft and is an ideal biometric safe for homes and businesses as it can be programmed for multiple users. The Sentry DA3930 is a popular introductory safe, but does it live up to its reputation? General Description To begin, the DA3930 provides anti-theft features with 6 live-locking bolts. The locking mechanism is completely biometric and includes a backlit electronic keypad with a tubular key for additional security. The safe is also designed to protect from water and 2 hours of fire protection. The safe is ETL verified to protect contents from 2 hours of fire, and the water resistance is a great features in the event of a flood, or a fire where a sprinkler system is activated to extinguish the flames. Organizational Features One of the key selling points we liked while reviewing this Sentry Safe available at http://www.avidbio is that is functional and has various features to help you keep your documents and valuables and organized. This fingerprint safe has a removal tray that allows you to stack your possessions, or you can remove it to store larger items. The tray worked well and fits A-4 sized papers and binders perfectly, helping you keep the contents extremely organized. It also includes a handy key rack on the door, so you can easily organize keys and label them. Perfect for the highly organized types like ourselves. This biometric safe also features a compartment on the door which is perfect for small items such as a jewelry, money, or small valuables. The Fingerprint Lock Again, the key selling point of the DA3930 is that it uses your fingerprint to authorize entry. We tested over 50 fingerprints and the biometric scanner performed perfectly every time. For the tech savvy – the biometric scanner utilizes a scanner which generates images at 500 dpi which meets the FBI and CIA security standards for reading fingerprints. Very cool. The Results The price is right for this safe. It runs around $400 and is a great introductory safe for anyone looking for the protection of a safe and the awesome functionality of biometric technology. Check out http://www.avidbio for a huge selection of biometric safes  (Oct 8, 2009 | post #1)

Top Stories

Florida police new biometric identification devices

Sarasota County Sheriff's Office has become the first Sheriff's office in the State of Florida to deploy PrintSearchMobileT M, idSoftware's mobile rapid identification and booking system using fingerprint biometric technology. These devices are popular and can be found here: http://www.avidbio Using forfeiture funds, the Sheriff's Office purchased 14 portable systems, which allow for quick, positive identification of individuals in local and state databases, and the FBI Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC). Unlike most statewide fingerprint systems which must be done at the jail and can take hours to return results, this provides positive identification in a matter of seconds while still in the field. "Positive identification is a critical requirement for the safety of our deputies," said Sheriff Tom Knight. "The sooner law enforcement knows who they are dealing with and what their criminal history might be, the more quickly they can make better, informed decisions." The first night of use, deputies were able to positively identify a man as a previously deported convicted felon who had re-entered the United States. Another subject wouldn't provide his correct name, but because of the system, we learned he had a warrant out of Manatee County. "This community wants a progressive agency with the appropriate tools and latest technology available," Sheriff Knight said, "and the men and women of this office deserve nothing less." By streamlining the identification process, with devices like those from http://www.avidbio, this technology also makes each call more efficient and can minimize the amount of time a deputy spends at the jail should an arrest be made. Additionally, a book and release function can be utilized for all misdemeanors requiring only a Notice to Appear, eliminating the trip to jail altogether and keeping the deputy on the street. For more information on biometric scanners visit http://www.avidbio  (Oct 8, 2009 | post #1)

Home Improvement

Fingerprint Door Lock Sale at

October 5, 2009 – Scottsdale, AZ http://www.AvidBio has today announced a new limited time offer on it’s complete selection of fingerprint door locks. With a recession still affecting people’s purchasing decisions, many homeowners and businesses are still spending freely on security items designed to protect and simplify people’s lives. Biometric security products are in demand more than ever as the technology is being offered in high quality products with price that are more affordable than ever. Fingerprint door locks, or biometric door locks, operate in the same fashion as a traditional home or office lock, but instead of opening a door with a key, a user simply swipes his or her fingerprint to gain access. Most locks are easily programmed and designed to store multiple user’s fingerprints which can easily be removed as well. Fingerprint door locks are available in a variety of styles and finishes, and most are easy-to-install. http://www.AvidBio is offering a promotional offer through October 12, 2009 where shoppers can take 5% off the price of any fingerprint door lock by entering the coupon code ‘locksale’ when checking out. http://www.AvidBio offers over 2 dozen types of fingerprint door locks as well as several hundred biometric security products that use innovative technology to provide enhanced security. Take advantage of this sale today by visiting http://www.avidbio About http://www.AvidBio Based in Scottsdale Arizona, http://www.AvidBio is an online portal for homeowners and businesses that are seeking to implement biometric solutions. Avid Biometrics offers a variety of products including biometric time systems, fingerprint door locks, keyless door locks, biometric access control units, and a large selection of security safes.  (Oct 6, 2009 | post #1)

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Missouri Hospitals Install Biometric Time Clocks - AvidBi...

Fujitsu Frontech North America, just recently announced that they are installing biometric time clocks like those available at http://www.avidbio , will be incorpered into Missouri-based Bates County Memorial Hospital as a more hygeinic and efficient time & attendance system. The Bate County Memorial hospital had been using a biometric time clock (similar to those available at http://www.avidbio ric-Time-Clocks-c5 / ) however, they switched to palm vein verification systems to decrease the risk of spreading bacteria. The traditional system utilized fingerprints which increased the risk of passing illnesses. For more information on various types of biometric time & attendance systems, visit http://www.avidbio  (Sep 29, 2009 | post #1)

Science / Technology

Biometrics Replacing Passwords?

Biometrics - an iris scan, a fingerprint and even ones voice - can replace usernames and passwords to access IT systems or even make a purchase on credit. The advantage of a biometric scan is that authentication would not identity individuals by usernames and passwords that can be stolen by hackers, saving institutions and individuals countless dollars. But is it practical? Dr. Myra Gray, director of the Defense Department's Biometrics Task Force - which coordinates DoD's activities to program, integrate and synchronize biometrics technologies and capabilities - agrees that biometrics offers advantages over traditional authentication methods. But in a chat I had with her Wednesday (the podcast of the interview will be posted in the coming days), Gray didn't feel the time is right for biometrics to replace usernames and passwords. Here's what she said: "(Biometrics) is an outstanding method for good, strong identity assurance, but before we go throwing out passwords and usernames, I'd like to articulate that biometrics is one tool of many. It should be part of the portfolio that's used to protect against ID theft." Gray reminds us that three basic elements can be used to authenticate an individual's identity: What you know: a password or log-in key. What you have: a magnetic card or some token; a piece of material that lets you in. What you are: an iris, fingerprint; something that's uniquely you. Gray also pointed out: "The power is not just picking one over the other, but setting up a construct that utilizes all of those as appropriate. You probably don't need all three of those to buy coffee at the 7-Eleven. But if you were to get into a super-secure facility somewhere, you may very well want to utilize all three methods: what you are, what you have and what you know." Cost of biometrics technologies is falling, but remains too expensive to be widely used on individual PCs and laptops -- or on ATMs or at points of sale. But, like PCs themselves, biometrics devices eventually will become commodities, with low prices that will make them affordable to be added to a wide range of computing devices. Adds Gray: "We still have a long way to go with the technology before we throw everything else away." Originall posted by Eric Chabrow / http://blogs.govin __________________ _ For more information on biometric security products, visit http://www.avidbio  (Sep 17, 2009 | post #1)

Home - Reviews Biometric Gun Safe Article

Biometric Gun Safes are becoming cutting-edge technology, which is designed to keep you and your family safe. Another name for these type of safes are known as fingerprint gun safe, for the fact that you use your fingerprint to allow you to gain access to what’s inside the safe. Your question might be, if such Biometric gun safe really works in protecting you and your family? In my own opinion, I would say yes, because of the fingerprint technology. The most current popular model for this type of safe is BioMetrx Bio Vault 2.0 which is one of the most popular on the market today. As you can see, the safe not only has a slick look but it’s also very light weight: only weighing 13 pounds. Now with the safe being so light you don’t have to worry about throwing out your back trying to move it under the bed. Also for being so light it has so many brilliant features added to it. Many features come along with this Biometric Gun Safes. Some of the features would include speed, which plays an important factor with this safe. The safe will open once you hold your finger on the biometric reader. Another important factor is that, this biometric can store up to 15 fingerprints. Thus, anyone you authorized their fingerprints can open up the safe as long as it has been registered. Also the interior of the safe is pretty large as well, which easily holds up to two pistols with room to spare. The interior is designed in such a way that it won’t scratch on guns or personal items. As you can see,the biometric safe is fast becoming more and more popular nowadays due to more highlight on its features. Many people are looking to safety more than ever because of the high crime rate and cities around the world. With these type of safe, now you don’t have to worry about young kids or unauthorized people have access to your guns. Overall this is a fantastic product where you’d be much happier switching to from the older version which lacks in technology. The older safe version does not offer much security. There are many defects in their design such as lack of security measures and poor interior. With the latest biometric safe new technology; you do not need to remember any passwords or where you kept the keys to your safe. - By Robert Nichols | Associated Content __________________ For more information on purchasing biometric gun safes, visit http://www.avidbio  (Sep 11, 2009 | post #1)

Top Stories discusses Hitachi announces new vein b...

Hitachi Ltd. (TSE:6501) said Wednesday that it has developed a new finger vein biometric authentication device with a thickness of 3mm, or one-seventh that of existing devices of its kind. With notebook computers and cellular phones in mind, the company aims to commercialize the device within two years. Conventional finger vein biometric devices are equipped with a cameralike mechanism based on a single lens. But the new device is built on 15,000 resin lenses, each of which measures around 0.1mm in diameter and feeds image data to an individual pixel in the image sensor. The device also features technology that adjusts the image sensor's sensitivity to enable use in a bright outdoor environment. Hitachi believes that it will be able to supply the device in the 10,000 yen (US$106) range, a price level similar to those of fingerprint biometric devices widely used for personal authentication today. Source:  (Aug 27, 2009 | post #1)