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Jan 9, 2012

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London, KY

Romney-Ryan - London, KY

I have thought that we should split the country for years oh and while we are at it why don't we pull all american soldiers out of all of the foreign countries and make a huge blockade around the entirety of the USA and worry about out own problems here in us. like the homeless and starving and abused kids here in the united states. Try to fix ourselves before going to fix everywhere else. open factories here and make our own products cut down the importing and exporting of so much foreign goods and make the us dollar actually worth something again. fact of the matter is. we need a god fearing president with the nations people best interests at heart. and i've not been fallowing the political debates enough to really hold a justified comment in this discussion. however i know that with Obama in office (im a middle class citizen) times and economy are harder now than they ever were. and i don't have any kind of public assistance except medical cards for my 2 children. My point is that america needs to get back to its roots, of being self sufficient and a god fearing nation. What we were founded on.  (Sep 7, 2012 | post #31)

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Prove there's a god.

The bible is the only proof that anyone should ever need to know that God is real. How else do you explain how 12 men in different parts of the world wrote it, and all came out with the exact same scripts??? Whether you believe or not i bet that y9ou still celebrate christmas and easter.... or depicting from your screen name you do possibly believe in the devil, which was the most beutiful angel cast out from heaven. so if you believe in the devil then you must believe in angels and angels is derivited of the Lord all mighty! If your wanting proof their is a God then look around, at all the horrible natural disasters around the world but by some mysterious nature the states in the Bible belt of the U.S. have not really been affected. so in closing you can beleive what you want and do what you want, i do not judge anyone, however there is one judgement that no man of this world will not escape. so i pray for those who are lost and caught up in the things of this world. May Godbless us all.  (Jan 10, 2012 | post #428002)