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Mar 8, 2013

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Medicaval aka dusko duskovic LEGIT????????

Milos If you send me prove that You package is seizez (the legit one) and copy of your mail to dusko where he promises that he resends I will vauch that You are telling the truth. Without that your words are empty acsations and You are blackbaling one great and honest vendor. Thousands of people world wide can vauch for it. So send me letters let me check and if Your story is legit I will be one to post it on every forum and trust me i am member on plenty of them! let me see where You comming from with this accusement? So now is up to You  (Dec 16, 2013 | post #679)

Medicaval aka dusko duskovic LEGIT????????

Every person writing that Dusko is scamming is not telling the truth. He is the most legit guy on the whole world wide web! So If ou are looking for someone who delivers 99% (1% chance being caught by the border officers)then You are up to something. Bad words and insults will not give you any chance to get some. So think twice before You blackball this great source medication of Your of choice!. I can vauch for this guy with my life! Never get scammed neither any friends I know who are using same vendor thats the truth and only truth so help me God  (Dec 15, 2013 | post #678)

Medicaval aka dusko duskovic LEGIT????????

What do You expect You are ordering something You shouldnt and sometimes things go wrong. So sad about Your dollars You find seller to blame. You are as much in it. In this buizznes things like that happen. Either be prepared to it or go to You doc and ask him to prescribe You meds You would like to obuse!!!  (Dec 13, 2013 | post #674)

Medicaval aka dusko duskovic LEGIT????????

So now You say that you want them to send You another package even though you are surely under ssurveillance and get it seized to Your own damage? Sorry man Your talk is such a paradox. Nothing You say dont make any sence! I have been deaing with that vendor for years now never ever got anything seized!!! Every time it was delivered as agreed and not only did they deliver BUT each package contained more then I have payed for. So stop blackball one of most trusted vendors there is on world wide web. you just screw with us who are 1000% satisfied with medval. Why should they argue about Your lauzy 1500 pills when they deliver 10x that much with 20% rase on orders like that any time any where. If you find better vendor,.....fuck it Its local bum from serbia trying to destroy to one of the best vendors there is. Point! I have nothing eslse to say our story is FALSE and I want people to know that ou mr are lier!! So much from a humble servant! so low life accusation shame on You mate shame on You!!!  (Dec 13, 2013 | post #673)

Feedback for sjohnson786

sjohnson786 is as legit as they come! great service and wont let you down in any way! 5++/5  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #194)

ONAX xanax

Chewing 6 onax for some people with nice tolerance isnt that much... Instead of geting sleepy they get other way arround, restless want to do stuff, chatty as hell its allmost like they where on speed. I know many sweeds who got their dosage way over 6 bars per day without any problems. That said i dont mean they wont die one day of xanor overdose. some of them i use to know are dead now The best pair i knew use to take 20 ksalols each man and his wife. The hand full for him same for her The guy took his own life several moths later. Its rly about building up the tolerance You wouldnt belive dosages people are able to take. Sometimes You just think he/she is going to die tonight or if I was one who did this i would probably do so to take my own life that way but no....they can survive that just to eat another fist full day after.....we are very different that way?!?  (Mar 10, 2013 | post #491)

can you shoot up xanax( preferably tranax)

I am allmost 100% sure that You could solve swedish flunitrazepam in the water but then again never done that so thats only what I guess from the way they disolve under the tongue :P  (Mar 10, 2013 | post #13)

Is therer anyone legit who actually ships to Eu @ this fo...

As the subject says..... I think you guys have many things we here in Eu are missing.....Unless You are living in Amsterdam :)... So Is it that hard to ship from USA to EU I got friend in Valencia Cal. who says its hard I dont understand how can it be that hard when we can ship to US without problem. Sure sometimes accidents happen but isn´t it like that overall? Seem anyway like we have one or two things in common The one is scammers 8wish they all burn in hell) and the other is users/obusers (long live each one of them) Big brother wants so hard to put leash on us giving us new meds expencive ones claiming that old ones are bad for us as they do make us addicted only to sell us the new ones the expencive ones. Same people who once told us that benzo was good for people nowdays talk about how bad they are and how they got new things to replace them with...Bullshit imo! Well for all of you stay safe and feel good!!! Just curious???  (Mar 9, 2013 | post #1)

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gold pharmacy scam

cameroon sucks balls.... to put it the simple way?  (Mar 9, 2013 | post #5)

Most Reputable and Trusted Xanax Website

Why cant one get out to the site as if it doesn´t exist. As soon i try to go there my eset antivirus says that site is blocked? Same happens if I try to enter it from my iphone? It simply doesn´t exist?? It would rly help me to get to the heavenly place like that if everything is that good there! I am serious buyer who got his life ruined by my new doctor. Hope he burns in hell the day he dies and I hope its really soon... so someone explain plz! Best regards!  (Mar 8, 2013 | post #760)