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Easily Read DjVu Files on iPad: Convert DjVu to PDF Using...

Sometimes you may want to read DjVu files on an iPad, but there doesn’t seem to be a DjVu reader especially made for iPad. Some may have Goodreader, Cloudreader and Pages but none states that they support the DjVu format. Stanza is the only one shown in the App store that supports to read DjVu files for iPad, but it does not handle DjVu files natively, and the navigation of DjVu files on Stanza is not smooth. So, what is the best option for read DjVu files on iPad? Here in this article, I’ll show youhow to read DjVu files on iPad smoothly by converting DjVu to PDF using a Mac and an Enolsoft DjVu Viewer for Mac. About DjVu Format The DjVu format is a computer file format designed primarily to store scanned documents, especially those containing a combination of text, line drawings, indexed color images, and photographs. It uses technologies such as image layer separation of text and background/images, progressive loading, arithmetic coding, and lossy compression for bitonal (monochrome) images. This allows for high-quality, readable images to be stored in a minimum of space, so that they can be made available on the web. Step-by-Step Guide: Step 1: Free Download DjVu Viewer from Enolsoft Website Enolsoft DjVu Viewer for Mac provides a free trial version for users to try before they get a full version of this product, so just go to Enolsoft official website and free download the DjVu Viewer to your Mac. Or you can download this app by click on this link: http://www.enolsof lsoft-djvu-viewer. dmg. Step 2: Import and Read DjVu Files on Mac There are three ways you can use to open DjVu files (by double click the DjVu file, by drag-n-drop, or by click the “add” button). Also, you may manage your DjVu files with the Bookshelf feature. Step 3: Convert DjVu to PDF on Mac Enolsoft DjVu Viewer for Mac provides the option to pen and read DjVu files on Mac with some additional features like bookmark, continuous scrolling and Zoom-in, Zoom-out. When you are in the main reading windows, click the “Save As” button to save DjVu as PDF format. Besides, you can also convert DjVu to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and GIF image format with this DjVu Viewer. Step 4: Transfer the Converted DjVu to iPad When the DjVu to PDF conversion is completed, drag and drop the generated PDF files to iTunes and then sync them to your iPad. http://www.enolsof for-mac.html  (Jan 29, 2013 | post #1)

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PDF Compression Tips: How to Make a PDF Smaller on Mac

As PDF files widely used on virtually any platform, including Windows®, Unix, Mac OS X, and mobile platforms, more and more people use PDF format to store their e-books, projects, assignments, product descriptions and teaching materials etc., which makes PDF format becomes one of the most popular digital document formats for transmitting messages, either through the Internet or Email. Despite the ever-increasing availability of high-bandwidth Internet connections, file size still matters when you’re sending e-mail attachments or when you have recipients downloading your files over slow connections. Under this condition, we may always need to compress a PDF file for the purpose of emailing as attachments or sharing via the web. Below are some PDF compression tips on how to make your PDF smaller on Mac. Method 1: Compress PDF on Mac with Preview: Compressing a PDF on Mac is very easy with the Mac’s built-in Preview app, here’s the real process: 1. Open the PDF file with Preview application. 2. Choose “File” >> “Save As”. 3. In “Quartz Filter”, select “Reduce File Size” >>“Save”. Method 2: Reduce PDF File Size with PDF Compressor for Mac PDF Compressor for Mac compresses and reduces PDF file size by optimizing the resolution and compression method of images, removing unused thumbnails and metadata, stripping dead-object and compressing other parts of PDF files. Supports drag-n-drop to batch compress multiple PDFs instantly at a time. Just drag and drop the PDF to its interface and then click the gear-like icon to select a compression option. If the source PDF file is protected by user password, you may need to enter the password before you can compress it. Method 3: Shrink Your PDF with Acrobat’s PDF Optimizer PDF Optimizer provides many settings for reducing the size of PDF files. Some of the PDF Optimizer settings are comparable to the settings that are available when you create a PDF file using Distiller. Whether you use all of these settings or only a few depends on how you intend to use the files and on the essential properties a file must have. In most cases, the default settings are appropriate for maximum efficiency—saving space by removing embedded fonts, compressing images, and removing items from the file that are no longer needed. Before you optimize a file, it’s a good idea to audit the file’s space usage. The space audit results may give you ideas about where best to reduce file size. You can also reduce the size of your PDF by using the Reduce File Size command. To open the PDF Optimizer dialog box, do one of the following: 1. In a single PDF, choose File > Save As > Optimized PDF. 2. When editing an Action Wizard, click Save To options. Then in the Output Options dialog box, select PDF Optimizer, and click Settings. How you go about reduce your PDFs depends largely on how much you want to spend on the PDF compressing tools, and how much control you want to exert over the process. If dealing with PDFs is only an occasional experience for you and you don’t care about the image quality in PDF files, Mac’s Preview utility may offer all the compression capabilities you need. For more control, a utility like Enolsoft’s $29 PDF Compressor provides additional capabilities without breaking the bank. And if creating reasonably sized PDF files for public distribution is core to big business, you need Adobe’s $449 Acrobat Pro. http://www.enolsof pression-tips-how- to-make-a-pdf-smal ler-on-mac  (Jan 23, 2013 | post #1)

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Enolsoft 2012 Thanksgiving sales -20% off Storewide products

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Enolsoft now are celebrating it and offering you a special Thanksgiving 20% off all of our storewide products, hope this can help you customize all kinds of videos especially YouTube video to portable media devices and enjoy PDF files on Kinds of tablets or Phones. Price Smash - 2012 Thanksgiving 20% off Enolsoft storewide products Highlight Products: 1. YouTube Converter HD for Mac - Batch download&conve rt YouTube HD videos for offline enjoyment with iPad mini, iPhone 5, Kindle Fire etc. List Price: $29.00 Sale Price: $23.20 2. PDF Converter for Mac - Convert PDF to Word, PPTX, EPUB, HTML, RTFD, Text, JPG and more with original elements retained. List Price: $59.00 Sale Price: $47.20 3. PDF Magic for Mac - Batch split, merge, reorder, rotate PDF files and create PDFs from images and pages ease on Mac. List Price: $29.00 Sale Price: $23.20 4. PDF to TEXT for Mac - Batch convert both normal PDF and scanned PDF to TEXT (*.txt) format on Mac with OCR capability. List Price: $29.00 Sale Price: $23.20 5. EPUB Creator for Mac - Create EPUB documents from PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Text, RTFD, HTML, JPG, PNG, CHM and more. List Price: $39.00 Sale Price: $31.20 6. Video Converter for Mac - Convert between various video formats (including HD) for playback with different video players. List Price: $35.00 Sale Price: $28.00 Excellent PDF Tools for Mac: 1. PDF Creator for Mac - Easily and quickly create PDF from EPUB, CHM, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, Text, JPG and more. 2. Signature for PDF - Easily sign PDFs by either creating new digital signatures with mouse/trackpad or loading in scanned signatures. 3. PDF to Word for Mac - Easily and batch convert PDF to Word 2008/2011 (*.docx) format with original elements retained for reusing or editing. Cool Media Converter&DVD Ripper for Mac and iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, iPod: 1. iMedia Converter for Mac - Convert any video, DVD and audio files to the formats you need for playback on portable devices. 2. DVD Ripper for Mac - Rip encrypted or home-made DVDs to popular video/audio formats on Mac. Rip DVDs for iPad 2, iPhone 4S etc. Totally Free Product: 1. Free YouTube Downloader HD for Mac - Free and batch download online YouTube SD, HD and HTML 5 videos from URLs to local hardisk on Mac. 2. CHM View for Mac - Simple yet useful utility for Mac users to easily and freely view Microsoft CHM files on Mac. Please note that this Thanksgiving sales is only valid until Nov. 30th, 2012 including the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t miss the special offer! Don't hesitate to go to check all Enolsoft products with 20% discount: Enolsoft Thanksgiving Offer-20% OFF StoreWide Sale http://www.enolsof l  (Nov 23, 2012 | post #1)


Upload Sony Handycam Recorded Euro 2012 Videos to YouTube...

“Can someone recommend a best way to upload my Sony Handycam recorded Euro 2012 videos to YouTube in HD? I know this question gets asked a lot and I have searched the webs for all different sorts of answers, but I’m hoping to get some sort of definitive method when it comes to export home-made videos for the purpose of uploading to YouTube in HD.” Well, in this article, we’ll introduce you how to upload Sony Handycam recorded Euro 2012 videos to YouTube in HD step-by-step, here we go! Things we’ll need: Video Converter Software(http://ww eo-converter-for-m ac.html) YouTube Account Why we need Video Converter software? Video Converter software will help us convert Sony Handycam recorded videos to an optimized HD video format that is best for uploading to YouTube. Besides, it always contains some simple video editing features which enable us to edit our recorded videos before uploading to YouTube. What Video Format is best for uploading to YouTube? WebM files – Vp8 video codec and Vorbis Audio codecs .MPEG4, 3GPP and MOV files – Typically supporting h264, mpeg4 video codecs, and AAC audio codec .AVI – Many cameras output this format – typically the video codec is MJPEG and audio is PCM .MPEGPS – Typically supporting MPEG2 video codec and MP2 audio .WMV .FLV – Adobe-FLV1 video codec, MP3 audio Step-by-step Guide: Step 1: Convert the Sony Handycam recorded Euro 2012 videos to YouTube supported HD MP4 format with Video Converter software(http://ww eo-converter-for-m ac.html). Tips: You can also edit your recorded videos with Video Converter’s built-in video editing features such as crop, trim, apply special effects, and add image/text watermark, De-interlacing etc. Step 2: When you have the right format for uploading to YouTube, go to YouTube website and make sure you own a YouTube account, if not then create one, it’s fairly straight forward. Click the Upload(http://www. eos_upload) link at the top of any YouTube page Step3: Click the Select files from your computer button to browse for the recorded Euro 2012 videos that you are going to upload to YouTube. Click Open. Step 4: As the video file is uploading, add as much information about your video as possible in the relevant fields (including Title, Description, Tags, and Category) so that other users find your videos easier. Click the Save changes button to save the updates you’ve made to the video file. Well done, that’s the easy steps of uploading Sony Handycam recorded UEFA Euro 2012 videos to YouTube. Besides, you can also use video converter software to convert Sony Handycam recorded videos, as well as other common videos, for uploading to other video sharing website. See All the Features of Enolsoft Video Converter Convert videos between all common video formats (including HD videos) on Mac. Extract Soundtracks from Videos to MP3, WAV and M4A etc. Convert videos for many portable devices like Galaxy S III, Kindle Fire, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPod, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PSP, XOOM, Playbook, and PS3 etc. Fine-tune Videos with Built-in Video Editing Tools. Related posts: Digital Camera/Camcorder Tips: How to Upload Home-made Videos onto YouTube(http://www /digital-cameracam corder-tips-how-to -upload-home-made- videos-to-youtube/ ) How to Upload Canon 550D 1080p HD Video to YouTube on Mac(http://www.eno -to-upload-canon-5 50d-1080p-hd-video -to-youtube-on-mac /) How to Record and Upload WOW Game Videos to YouTube in HD(http://www.enol to-record-and-uplo ad-wow-game-videos -to-youtube-in-hd/ ) Upload iPhone 4S 1080P HD Video to YouTube on Mac(http://www.eno oad-iphone-4s-1080 p-hd-video-to-yout ube-on-mac/) How to Upload Halloween Video to YouTube on Mac(http://www.eno oad-halloween-vide o-to-youtube-on-ma c/)  (Jun 20, 2012 | post #1)