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May 22, 2012

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Martinsburg, WV

French Tv- CAPA Press Agency- Informations

Hello everybody, My Name is Audrey Varet, I am a french journalist, in CAPA press agency in Paris. I work for a Tv show call « D comme Débrouille » for my chief editor Sebastian Perez. "D comme Débrouille" ( who will can call " R like Resourceful" in USA or C like Coper I don't know the good translation) speaks about person who are in bad situation and who create a solution to build a better future. We speak about person who make ecology, new machines or who transform scrap in money for example etc. Sebastian Perez will come in NY soon ( in July). He really want to speak about person who live in NY and show the good face of the city. If you have any contact with person who made a business or became entrepreneur. I am looking for people who transformed their life and the life of the neighborhood with nothing. Persons who made recycling, try to make something with scrap...all people who do something with nothing. If you want more information send me a message on the forum or in my email [email protected] .com. Please help me if you have some contact. Thank you very much regards, Audrey Varet phne: 06,21,61,18,56 01,40,45,47,65 [email protected] .com  (May 22, 2012 | post #1)