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Oct 10, 2011

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Seminole, OK

Wal mart

I have a problem with the items never ringing up the proper price. I'm always the first one to let them know if it rings up for less than what was posted, and yet I always get flack if I say something about it ringing up for more than what was posted. Especially from the little girl with long dark hair and glasses.  (Oct 19, 2011 | post #4)

Seminole, OK

Wewoka Schools A Disgrace

Yes, Ms. Roberts is WONDERFUL. She handled an issue I was having with a boy pinching my child (drawing blood) brilliantly. Also, I was told by a teacher that she fully intends to end the whole "pass them whether they make the grade or not" system that seems prevalent in the past.  (Oct 19, 2011 | post #4)

Seminole, OK

Unused milk vouchers found at malnourished infant's home ...

I read about this in the paper. It was absolutely horrific. Several parties in that baby's short life need to be brought to justice.  (Oct 10, 2011 | post #1)

Seminole, OK

Another Wewoka teacher having sex with student

Yes, this woman was the youth director. At MY church. I find the sexual charge rather hard to believe. But I do know that as a parent who trusted this woman to take my children on trips, and to be responsible for their welfare, I should have been notified (at the very least) of the 'contributing to a minor' charge. I had noticed her missing from church lately, but no one would come up with any details. This rather disappoints me in my fellow members. No, let's not be gossips, but let's not also withhold what may be needed information so that we can ask our children questions and make sure there haven't been other instances.  (Oct 10, 2011 | post #16)