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Feb 27, 2013

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Ron Livingston Joins Boardwalk Empire

As we saw, Kieren is forced to deal with the weight of all of his deceased actions. Oh, and the brutal ‘rotter’ hating Human Volunteer Force (HVF). [b][url=http://wat chdiehard5onlinehe]Wat ch A Good Day To Die Hard Online[/url][/b] Southpaw tells the tale of a left-handed boxer who rises to the top of the sport while his personal life bottoms out, and he must overcome personal tragedies to win back the love of his daughter. It sounds like generic sports film schmaltz, but the screenplay was written by Sons of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter, so my guess is that the sentimentality will still retain a razor sharp edge. And anyway, it’s not as if it’s really a sports movie anyway, right? “It’s about boxing but it’s not about boxing,” says Confucius, er, Fuqua. “The heart of the movie is about a man learning to be a father.” I’m a sucker for boxing movies, even as the sport gets increasingly overshadowed by the no-holds-barred world of MMA fighting, but I’m pretty sick of movies that celebrate the redemptive paths that estranged parents take to win their children back. What happened to movies about the dads who weren’t shitty people for the first dozen years of their kids’ lives? [b][url=http://wat chsnitch2013online]Wa tch Snitch Online[/url][/b] Fuqua’s next film Olympus Has Fallen hits theaters March 22, so expect to hear quite a bit more about Southpaw as the director makes the press junket rounds. That is, when he’s not answering questions about Chicagoland, Steel Town, Storming Las Vegas, his Showtime documentary about Suge Knight, his untitled Chinese historical epic, or rumors of a 24 movie. - See more at: With minimal exceptions, the Academy Awards ceremony has become a predictable affair. As if months of coverage and predictions in the months leading up to the show didn’t water down the spontaneity enough, the ceremony itself has forgotten how to celebrate the movies the awards came into existence for. But what’s a more interesting way to introduce an award for a heavily-favored movie about a successful CIA operation than having one of Washington D.C.’s most recognizable faces announce the winner? [b][url=http://wat chsafehavenonline2]WA TCH SAFE HAVEN ONLINE[/url][/b] Getting Michelle Obama involved with the reveal of the Best Picture award on Sunday night was nearly as complicated as Tony Mendez’s plot in Argo, as the Los Angeles Times reports. The appearance took the collaborative efforts of MPAA President Hawk Koch, Oscar producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, and cinema mastermind Harvey Weinstein, who discussed secrecy and tactics with members of the First Lady’s staff, covering everything from the diplomacy of the room she’d present the award from, to the ABC staff members allowed to work on the presentation. It wound up being ABC’s Chief Technology Officer and VP of Global Network Operations that silently brought everything together, bypassing everyone from the news and entertainment side, in an effort to achieve complete secrecy. [b][url=http://wat chidentitythief201 /]Watch Identity Thief Online[/url][/b] There were initial plans to have First Lady Obama sneak away from her seat to present the award at the live ceremony, but those plans were dashed by a White House scheduling conflict on the night. After a bit of improv, satellite communications were eventually set up for the Diplomatic Reception Room.  (Feb 27, 2013 | post #1)


Fast And Furious 6 Airplane Stunt

Apparently not everyone is ready to welcome the dead back into their lives with open arms. [b][url=http://wat chbeautifulcreatur esonline2k.tumblr. com/]Watch Beautiful Creatures Online[/url][/b] Now that J.J. Abrams has slid into place as the director of Star Wars: Episode VII, we’re kind of been in a holding pattern with regards to additional news. We’re left sifting through rumors and half-truths until Abrams can put his Star Trek sequel to bed and shift gears into Star Wars. But when you hear the same names over and over, you begin to suspect that there’s truth to the hearsay, and so it’s safe – or safer than usual – to report. The Web site MarketSaw has two juicy names it’s trying to attach to the Star Wars universe. The blog says Children of Men director Alfonso Cuaron, who’s still putting the finishing touches on his sci-fi thriller Gravity, could be circling Episode VIII and, possibly, Episode IX. Now, who wouldn’t want Cuaron in the director’s chair for a series of Star Wars movies? He’d be a fantastic choice for any of the new trilogy chapters, or even a standalone spinoff, which MarketSaw says “will fill and expand the voids in between in multiple timelines [of the new trilogy], and have potential to then be franchised themselves in regards to the worlds they open up.” [b][url=http://wat chwarmbodies2013on]W atch Warm Bodies Online[/url][/b] And that’s not all. MarketSaw's source tosses Simon Pegg’s name back into the fire, saying they “can't say why, but let’s just say I have a strong feeling about that.” Again, we’ve heard Pegg’s name before, but mainly just because it’s easy to connect the dots to the actor – who is part of Abrams’ Trek universe and also a major, self-proclaimed Star Wars fanatic. But nothing, at this point, has been confirmed by anyone in the know, and so it all has to be treated as major, major rumor … for now. How legit is MarketSaw? Well, at one point, the site broke the news that Prometheus would have ties to Sir Ridley Scott’s Alien movie, with a space jockey appearance at some point. They also wrote a story years ago about plans for a third Star Wars trilogy … and that’s coming true. But, like all sites, they went out on a limb once and missed, claiming that Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables would be shot in 3D. So sometimes they’re right, and sometimes they’re wrong. But they could be on point with Cuaron and Pegg. We shall see.  (Feb 27, 2013 | post #1)