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Aug 20, 2013

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had sex with my foster dad

ok so quick bio... i am a 16yo bisexual male. after some serious "family issues" i was put into foster care and have been with my current family for about 6 months now... my foster mother is really great and a better mother then my own...and so is her husband so i didn't think i would ever do anything to ruin it...until about a week ago. i didn't want to go out with her and the other kids so i pretended to be asleep till they left. her husband was also asleep and must have thought the house was empty when he woke up...he then put porn on "he was in his room btw" and he left the door open. he is insanely hot !! i would always daydream about having sex with him...whenever he was around -_- so i went near the door and just stood there like a creep watching him jerk off. and as i got closer i could see that the porn he was watching was gay porn. i don't know why but i just walked over and got on the bed and started kissing first he kinda didn't do anything and just laid there frozen but then he got more into it and we ended up having sex... we have been doing it for a few days now...i feel horrible about it though. because his wife and kids have been so good to me. what should i do...if i tell her she will kick me out. i know because she is pretty conservative and im not open about my sexuality...  (Aug 20, 2013 | post #1)