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Dec 16, 2012


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Bee stings answer for HIV infection?

LMAO,  (May 17, 2013 | post #20)


Blackman save white women from 10 year of captivity!

This is so true.  (May 13, 2013 | post #659)


Church Leaders Vow Political Backlash if Gay Marriage Passes

People need to read the constitution America is not a christian nation, its a nation of freedom and choice.  (May 13, 2013 | post #4135)

African-American is Another Example That Civility Is Dead

Topix is just an example of your everyday American.  (May 13, 2013 | post #649)


I got an A- on my school essay

Congrats and keep up the good work. :)  (May 13, 2013 | post #2)


Pathetic white attempt at white washing egypt.

If he had robbed a store he would be a dark guy in a second. The victors will always write his-story.  (May 13, 2013 | post #2)


Boston Killer ID'd. What race is he?

LMAO, no trust me their card isn't revoked they just got a updated card membership, when they do mass shooting, and terrorist acts they get fame, worshiped, and white media and majority white support for years to come with a 100% cash back rewards on their cards.  (Apr 26, 2013 | post #594)


Don't call me black! Don't call me African American

Blame Whitey for what? Actions speaks louder than words, you just another Topix-cyber warrior, no one is blaming whitey, if you really wanted to get a message across this is not the website. What are your action plans, Negroes like you always talking and criticizing. Not one goal accomplished, that was the message of the video where is your 500 fortune company?  (Apr 26, 2013 | post #13)


so many white countries are becoming so poor all over the...

Well the world is a cycle, and things change for better or for worst. Every dog has its day and that day comes to an end for Europe and white rule.  (Apr 26, 2013 | post #232)


If religion is bad, explain this!

Religion and the people that practice it are not thinking right. They use it to get people's money, racism,slavery,torture,subjugation of women and children etc.  (Apr 26, 2013 | post #64)


LetÂ’s Talk About Your OBSESSION With Black People.

Every day all day these racist are on here, do they even have jobs? do they sleep, shit, eat. Their like cracker-bots set to automatic.  (Apr 26, 2013 | post #93)


12000 Sign Petiton for Bomb Suspect Dzhokhar

The complexion for the protection, why just they other day they were making racist twitter comments about Arabs,Koreans,and Blacks. http://www.policym 453/10-most-racist -tweets-about-bost on-marathon-bombin g  (Apr 25, 2013 | post #1)


Why are White People Always Bullying Black People?

The mind of a white racist: narcissist, psychotic, persistent,unemotional, threatening,denial, no sense of reality, dry humor, and a large population of supporters, some of you won't admit it but these white racist on here represent your average white person when their away from the public eye, don't think their all hillbillies.  (Apr 25, 2013 | post #34)


What is the difference in bm/bw dirty laundry

In reality there is no difference cause when black men and black women are hurt you all air each others dirty laundry for the world to see, no other race does this and don't try to convince me all other races are doing it, think for yourself.  (Apr 25, 2013 | post #2)


White Crime: Few Comments

Now there is a petition signed by 12,000 people that the younger brother in the Boston bombing is innocent, I bet you it was all signed by white folks, they just can't believe their own would do such a thing. Tisk Tisk  (Apr 25, 2013 | post #1278)