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Feb 9, 2008

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Museveni demonstrates combat skills

Uganda 's Military Occupation forces' demonstration in action as evidence in West Nile / LADO . Military Occupation of Lado State Kingdom in Africa External Link page to Lado showing the position of Lado to her Neigbouring Countries in Africa : click here --- http://commons.wik age:Lado_enclave_m ap.jpg  (Jul 28, 2008 | post #1)

Uganda: Tension at Congo Border in West Nile

The goods of someone are often interned with the Borns in death upon now this Kakua son of Lado origine lies in the tombs of Saudi. He was considered in a foreignar in Uganda which He served and with due respect -------- QUOTE QUESTIONS : Was Idi Amin a moral and humane and a people's leader or was he a tyrannical ruler that committed atrocities against afrikans. Reading articles which appear are they more about the British or about Idi Amin? ANSWERS : 1) Amin was not such a born to say a tyrannical leader but continous circumstances to eliminate him throughout his life span in the Army before and after becoming President turned him out becoming tyrannical in his period of Administration against all those who wanted him eliminated . Definately in the process of eliminating him most killings were too done on the Africans by his opponents who saw it fit to bring all the Blames of massacres on Amin . So Amin in the end stepped up to adopt the stand " Eliminate before you are Eliminated of his opponents " . The figures showing 0ver 300 , 000 to 500 , 000 Ugandans and foreigners Killed is quite amazing as could also be thought the otherway round , the constant rebel activities in Uganda was aimed so much in killing Ugandas and Foreigners by the rebels who were operating from mainly Tanzania to blame Idi Amin since from 1971 . The after topled Amin Governaments have often said Amin was never left at peace to run the Ugandan Government and they had considered Amin a foreigner in Uganda and therefore could not have become a President of the Country Uganda as is said and agreed in Lusaka , the London and Moshi Agreement in Tanzania . 2) Idi Amin Figures out such Articles as very much unwanted Leader by the British though the British were the first to recognise the Idi Amin Government Administration when He become the President in the Counter Coup of 1971 . But the British thought Amin was a Political fool and could have been easily manupilated by them . Wrong they were , behind Amin there were some quite Educated Ugandans then advising him constantly on running the Uganda Political Affairs . To the British Suprise was only when Amin reversed the British Sovereignty over Uganda to the Ugandans hence from 1971 onwards --to 1979 when He became overthrown and this was engineered by the British themselves . Another point to look at where Amin was Good to his Country can be seen in his positve " Idi Amin's Positive Administrations " . There are already writing articles on that which I am unlikely to bring to your notice at this very time but one day can be done . By the way such is a link for your futher reading informations . Join to read this link yet : http://alemiamonye /07/reason-why-idi -amin-took-power-i n-1971.html  (May 7, 2008 | post #4)

The Political Root Causes of the UGANDA / LRA Conflict .

HEREBY TOO VIEW THE MAP OF LADO FINDINGS .com/mail/?ui=1 &disp=imgs &view=att& th=116b45ef9d69e6f a  (Mar 27, 2008 | post #3)

Pan Africanism and the Role of Lado Kingdom in Africa ..

Quate: THE REAL SENSE OF THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH AND THE ROLE IN AFRICA ---- BRITISH / BELGIUM CONGO RELATIONS TO LADO THE COLONIAL AMBITION OF KING LEOPOLD OF BELGIUM / CONGO AND IN VIEW OF THE CREATED RELATIONS ESTABLISHED WITH LADO King Leopold of Belgium reign over Sudan ( Bahr -El - Gaza ) and his Ambition to have brought Lado under his control - " then figured LADO ' S ENCLAVE " -- ( 1894 - 1903 ) . Although of short - lived existence, King Leopold II of Belgium had ordered the Belgian troops to occupy the Land Territory Situated in vast Sudan African Region in an attempt of colonisation of Lado to full fill his last thirst of Colonisation and this last territory added was to be part of « Leopoldian Sudan », more known under the naming " Lado ' s Enclave ", and infact to become an integral part of Congo but not Sudan . . Indeed When in 1881, the revolt of Mahdists ( Religious Groups of Arab descedents ) ended in the loss of the control of Egypt over the Upper - Nile Sudan Regions , Leopold II viewed it as a great Opportunity to spread his Territory Conquest Ambitions to the River White Nile . He therefore organised several Military expeditions for this purpose from 1881 starting from the Belgian - Congo Territory . King Leopold met with a fierce Resistence when the Belgian forces came into war Battle with the Lado Defence Forces . This war came to an ended with a Peace Agreement signed both by Lado and Belgium for a peaceful Cooperation signed on 28th September 1892 which entered in the International Convention Rules in which King Leopold accepted not to Exercise His Crown over the Sovereignity of Lado . Commandant Fahd El Mula Aga ( a lugbara ) signed the treaty for Lado and for Belgium it was signed by Leutnant Milz who took the place of the Belgium Commandant Van Kerckhoven who died before arrival to WADELAI - ( by then Capital CITY of LADO ) . This Agreement in short to say was recognised by the signature of two successive agreements ( in May 12 , then in August 14 , 1894 ) , wherein the British Government declared , in the name of Egypt , to let King Leopold II have a territory called " Lado's enclave", Lado state which became Seperated from the Bahr el Gazal's State of Sudan Sudanese Province ( Bahr el Gazal at times called the " River of Gazelles "), and being bounded by the latitudes 5°30 ' N. and 30 ° W. The British Diplomacy today , following the U N resolution ( ( cf : UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960 and the UN General Assembly Resolution 43/47 of 22 November 1988 ) is frenetically to re - introduce another notion to present now that Sudan State must be seperated in two Countries : North Arab Moslem Sudan and South Black Christian Sudan . But the Real Truth remains still to live the North Lado to Bahr el Gazal and now to be called a New created Southern Sudan State is inorder to remove Lado State Immage . This is the Trying Diplomacy of the British always against Lado . Lado must be under a new controlled State as Southern Sudan State still for the British Interest . However Lado is still in fighting war with Britain for " of Her Fredom Rights of Sovereignty " . They is no escape for Lado on this issue . By - Arua Institute of Sudanic Studies  (Feb 16, 2008 | post #7)

recolonisation of africa

RECOLONIZATION OF AFRICA Daily relevante talks of todays Politician like leaders of Africa for the Organisations like the AU ( African Union ) hardly and never talk to mention at all of Independence or Sovereignty, but only talk about Social rights, Human rights, Women's rights, Civil society and NGOs and these types of "soft values" as opposed to the OAU, which in its charter sought to defend the Political Independence of African Nations / States . There are also a lot of rubbish talks about International Peace Keeping, and how the International Community should go and enforce order upon the Africans which simply means in the end sounds like " Let ' s go and civilise the savages again because the last time we went down there they didn ' t get it ". The theory of the Recolonization of Africa is still valid , inother words when you are hearing from the mouths of these present African leaders . Recolonisation is being freely allowed by them through like a UN Mandate System, or through Big Business being allowed to go in and do it on a private basis.It seems many African leaders therefore do not what they are saying . Accordingly , to me , there are two big issues for the African people to see : firstly, is the Organisational situation; secondly, there is the AU and what it entails . Meanwhile the European Mentor Colonialists are quite aware , but there are the Africans of two Categories: One being category of the so called Africans who are and referred to as educated, who are supposedly to have learned to speak English, French, Spanish, Portugeese; who are sometimes called middle class ( known best Black Europeans ). These ( The Black Europeans ) are different in thinking with the Africans, those who have no access to foreign European languages or to other modes ; such things of European way of doing and in behaviour but only have their own mother tongue language and therefore regarded as Primitive . Really between these two categories there is a conflict. A big conflict. The question is , are the Africans as a whole going to return to Primitivity ? Actually this is what the Black Europeans say, and they say it is best that, now, we go foreword and abandon Primitivity. You know what this means ? It only means behind the philosophy is that , the Black man and the Black African must be civilized based on European Civilisation which must continue in the modes of Recolonisation and there is no question of being ashamed of that. What European say and in their daily talk is that : of Recolonisation of Africa which is not about it , should happen . The truth is that it is already happening. The best example of this is the AU. They even said it with their own mouths: AU was founded based on European Union model. This is the plain fact . It is a return to Colonization , except this time, the African leaders willingly ; are willingly taking it in a Golden Plate and give it to the Europeans. Simple and clean. Therefore, the idea of civil society, that of human rights are just play games being played and this time the situation is even worse than that of the 1840`s... Read next paragraphs ----- By - Ronald  (Feb 9, 2008 | post #1)