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Oct 25, 2011

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MusicDishTV Presents "Sunny" By Kelly Waters

Kelly Waters "Sunny" is a really amazing video. First of all, she has a rich, beautiful voice, and her ability to use it as an instrument is extraordinary. On this particular track, she uses a vast and impressive vocabulary as she delivers the message of her song, which is one of love. Kelly sings about the love she feels for the guy that has made her heart throb. Then there's the video with her singing and making muffins in the kitchen while she exudes sexiness as she reads the dictionary dressed like a librarian. Her style is that of the eccentric girl that you just have to love because of her ways. Her video and music are lovely and I really liked the presentation. Both the song and video are very well performed and produced. "Sunny" is definitely bright! Email: Website: http://www.kellywa Music: yRxPxcrVc  (Oct 11, 2012 | post #1)


Bomber Announces His Debut Single!

SoundCloud Link: http://soundcloud. com/joeelliott87/s ets/amazing-ep-bom ber/s-roS7y With a successful promotional campaign Bomber has been creating the right kind of attention, and literally has exploded. With his own style that consists of infectious pop melody and awesome hip-hop beats. Adrian Sykes at EMI had to comment, “He has success written all over him!” He has been featured on the online publication NewQuod and has started turning heads already. Announced today is Bomber’s debut single Amazing, the track will be released on the 28th October. Bomber started his journey with the release of ‘On My Way,’ which features the producer on vocals and has brought Bomber a good amount of new fans. The new track Amazing is set to be the song of the dance floors with a catchy beat, a brilliant dance floor smash to chase away the winter blues. The beat was produced by Tyler Smith of Tyler Smith Productions and features a 90s style piano mixed with an upbeat synth. Bomber has always had a flare for music from such a young age. He grew up in North London with his Jamaican mother and his older siblings. Music was always playing and smooth reggae beats were definitely the catch of the day. At a young age when Bomber aka Kirk Edwards first got into MCing he used to attend MC battles and was even featured on ‘Heat FM.’ Bomber has been signed but the label he was signed to went into liquidation leaving him unsigned, but now he has a new management and a great team behind him to bring his music to the UK’s ears, this has been dubbed his year. Already he has performed with the likes of Chipmunk another British rapper and also completed a University Tour which spread like wild fire. To date though Bomber also managed to bag himself a space at this year’s Surface Festival and scored the most points EVER in their competition. With his first debut single planned to be released on the 28th October, it’s time to give him the spotlight and watch him shine as Amazing hits the dancefloors… Email: joe.elliott@totall m Website: http://www.bomberu  (Oct 8, 2012 | post #1)


GANDHI Debuts New Single And Music Video: "Anjali"

GANDHI, the melancholic Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter embraces his family name and works to distinguish it to represent “GANDHI” the artist. Later this month, GANDHI will debut the song and music video for his compelling new single, “Anjali.” Working closely with his manager and honoring both their interests of sharing personal & meaningful stories through media, it was agreed that the concept of the video was to simply source GANDHI’s personal inspiration behind the song itself; the desire to communicate hope for an intimate and meaningful relationship with a lover. GANDHI wanted to present a concept where “the meaning” of the song/video is relatable to persons of any ethnic background, while at the same time, present it in a way that actually honors his own ethnic personal experience as a first generation American. Inspired by all the great American and British singer/songwriters from just about every decade, this writer, producer and performer beckons his listeners on a journey to new worlds and alternate possibilities by blending classic Rock & Roll riffs, Folk melodies and Electronica music. On stage, he is surrounded by a rotating all-star cast of New York musicians proficient in just about every instrument. After a decade of penning songs and finding his true songwriting voice, GANDHI is set to unleash his sounds and stories to the world and invites listeners to join in for the ride with the release of “Anjali.” The song was produced and arranged by William Moses with instrumentation by Vin Scialla. Both the single and its accompanying music video will be released on Sept. 25, 2012 on iTunes and YouTube, respectively, followed with another single release in the winter and an EP in early 2013. For additional information about GANDHI, please visit his official website at m or andhisongs For media inquiries, needs, or interview requests, please contact Laurena Marrone at Grit PR & Promotion, LLC. or 1-888-779-2207.  (Oct 3, 2012 | post #1)


All Mighty Whispers Release 2 Brand New Albums

October 2012 sees the release of the 3rd and 4th album by the UK Norwich based band All Mighty Whispers. The 2 self-released albums were recorded in the band's studio as well as "Leeders Farm", the Darkness' own recording studio on vintage equipment that was used to record "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. To mix the albums, the band flew as far as Poland to achieve the right sound. Songs from the 3rd album have already been critically acclaimed and have already been aired on National BBC radio as well as gracing many podcast and CD compilation. Titles for the albums are as follows: 3rd: Sun in our Eyes 4th: Tanks and Guns All albums will be available on Itunes/Amazon and all good digital release sites Email: office@allmightywh Website: http://www.allmigh Music: http://soundcloud. com/leo147/undergr ound-master  (Oct 3, 2012 | post #1)


Honest John Plain Returns

The boys are, literally, back in town (flying in from Finland, Norway and the US) to appear in a video by renowned film director Tony Klinger (Get Carter, Shout At The Devil, Deep Purple Over Japan, The Kids are Alright - The Who). The A list of rock's greatest are appearing in the promotional video for 'Honest' John Plain's single 'Never Listen To Rumours' are Michael Monroe and Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks/New York Dolls) Martin Chambers (The Pretenders), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Casino Steel (The Boys, Johnny Cash, Carlene Carter), Darrell Bath (The Crybabys and Dogs D'Amour) and Verden Allen (Mott The Hoople). 35 years ago Honest John Plain, Matt Dangerfield and Casino Steel formed The Boys. The Boys quickly built up a reputation as a white hot live band and in January 1977 became the first punk band to sign an album deal with NEMS. Widely tipped to make it The Boys had a set of killer songs and were widely respected by both the music press and their peers. They quickly became known as the 'Beatles of Punk' and released four highly accredited albums and several hit singles before calling it a day in the Summer of 81. During their heyday in 1978/9 both Siobhan Fahay (later of Bananarama) and Hazel O'Connor ran The Boys' fan club. Plain went on to join the Dirty Strangers and recorded an album with Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood. In the years since originally disbanding The Boys - Plain has been involved in various bands and continues to tour and release albums in Europe where The Boys have a massive fan base. Earlier in the year Plain went into Rockfield Studios and recorded a solo album with the musicians appearing in the video which will be released later in the year. The new single 'Never Listen To Rumours' is out now and available on iTunes and all good digital music retailers. The release of 'Never Listen To Rumours' is certain to enhance his reputation and increase his popularity even more. Website: http://www.neverli Music: .com/watch?v=i_Nse BLLHPw  (Oct 2, 2012 | post #1)


Millennium 1st Single 'Beach Anthem' Feat. Baby Bash

Millennium, one of the newest and most edgy groups to hit the pop music scene, announced the release of their first single 'Beach Anthem' today. It's a suitable title given that the song transports you to a world of sun, surf and sand with its infectious pop melody and cool reggae groove. An added bonus to this feel-good first single is that it features platinum artist Baby Bash, whose distinctive voice has become synonymous with girls, good times and nonstop fun! Initially this talented group from Los Angeles had a tough time choosing their debut single from their portfolio of songs which blend catchy hooks, acoustic instrumentation and hip-hop flavor. But with an extended summer season of triple-digit heat and the beach on everyone's mind, 'Beach Anthem' seemed to be the natural choice. According to Sapphire, one of the singers for Millennium, "Beach Anthem is a tribute to beachgoers all around the world, whether on Venice Beach or the coast of Nice!" Millennium consists of Stryker, composer, producer and singer for the group, K-King, Sapphire and Adonis- a colorful group of characters on the road to success, beginning with their new single 'Beach Anthem'. The song will soon hit airwaves across the nation and a regional tour is also in the works. Within a few short months, don't be surprised if Beach Anthem becomes the chorus sung over barbeque and bonfire pits across the globe. 'Beach Anthem' is now available on iTunes and other major retailers. Download it today and keep the summer vibe going! Official Website: www.MillenniumRock Like them on: illenniumRocks Follow them at: oIsMillennium Who Is Millennium? .com/watch?v=H5vpo 94SeK0 iTunes:http://itun bum/beach-anthem-f eat.-baby-bash/id5 59586242 Email: info@millenniumroc  (Oct 1, 2012 | post #1)


David Longoria Instrumental Zoon Baloomba in Billboard To...

David Longoria [ ], known for his innovative blend of Latin, Jazz and Dance music has achieved National Hit status with his new single Zoon Baloomba as it enters the Billboard Dance Music Charts October 6, 2012 at #50 with a bullet. This marks the first time a trumpet player has achieved success on this chart with an instrumental since Herb Alpert did it with Rise in 1979. Rise went on to reach #17 on that chart and reached #1 on the US Billboard Pop Chart in the following months. Part of the success of Rise was attributed to it being featured in the hit TV daytime TV soap General Hospital. Longoria reached #14 on this chart in 2006 with his single Deeper Love (featuring singer Cece Peniston) but Longoria and Peniston sang together along with his trumpet work to create that hit. Zoon Baloomba is an instrumental song featuring Longoria's trademark trumpet embellished by some brief tribal vocals announcing the song's title. The single Zoon Baloomba has been presented in several remixed versions including Club mixes from popular remixers Ralphi Rosario, Majik Boys, Mickey Oliver, Gustavo Scorpio, and Mental Blue. It debuts on the chart right behind K-Pop Dance mega Hit "Gangnam Style" by Korean singer PSY at #49. The tracks are now available on iTunes, Amazon and other music sales outlets. It is currently playing in clubs across America with a much anticipated official music video scheduled for release in October. The unofficial music videos are posted on YouTube ( longoria) and have already gathered about a million combined views to date. Longoria is known in Jazz and Latin Jazz circles as an exceptional musician, often considered one of the most exciting trumpeters of this generation. His unafraid attitude in creating cutting edge works has earned him many awards including the Hollywood Music Awards Best Instrumental Artist Award, the ASYM (America Society Of Young Musicians) All That Jazz Award 2011 and the American Jazz Society's Top Contemporary Artist 2012 Award. "I always admired Miles Davis for going out on a limb to push the envelope of modern music", Longoria says, adding "and Herb Alpert always knew how to make trumpet music cool and accessible to the public, not just to jazz fans." And that's what is happening again now with Zoon Baloomba as it climbs the Billboard Dance chart. Thousands of clubs across America are featuring the song and Longoria's innovative approach to the trumpet and current music in the age of the electronic. "I love to blend my sound with organic and electronic elements to create something unique," Longoria explains, adding "and it's a great feeling to know so many people are enjoying and dancing to my music right now!" For more about Zoon Baloomba and David Longoria on the web: longoriafans Email: m  (Sep 30, 2012 | post #1)


Free Taste Of Chinese Pop In New York

CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival proudly presents a highlight of this year's music festival: "Taiwan Music," hosted by a-Peer Music & the Taiwan Ministry of Culture Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development (BAMID), and supported by AsianinNY and MusicDish*China. Kick off CMJ with us and experience these C-Pop bands live, Thursday, October 18 from 8:00pm-10: 30pm (door open at 7:30 pm) at the Union Square Ballroom, 27 Union Square West (between E 15th St and E 16th St) Union Square Park. http://www.faceboo 5326852284/ Get ready for a night of fresh sounds from the land of new music rarely explored in the USA... until now! As a wave of creative musicians from around the globe absorb Western hip-hop & alternative rock influences and then elevate the music with their own cultural spin, you are invited to be enthralled by an evening of the best Chinese Pop generating a buzz in the Taiwanese scene. Here is the line-up: 8:00PM - Chemical Monkeys, a Taiwanese pop rock band consisting of vocalist Zain Jun, guitarist Bryan Chang, bassist Sam Wu and drummer Mayc Tsou. All of the band members also have success in Taiwan's pop music scene as songwriters, producers, and/or recording engineers. https://www.facebo 8:45PM - 831, a Taiwanese alternative rock band formed by five high school classmates in the summer of 2003, best known as the future successor of the top Mandarin Rock band, Mayday. 831 is also sometimes referred to as "the Asian Simple Plan" due to their versatile styles of music ranging from punk rock, pop rock, electronic, metal to hip-hop. https://www.facebo 9:30PM - Da Mouth, a two-time Golden Melody Award-winning Taiwanese hip-hop group consisting of Japanese female vocalist Aisa Senda, Korean-Taiwanese male vocalist Harry Chang, MC 40 and Japanese- Taiwanese aboriginal DJ Chung-Hua. They are considered "the Asian Black Eyed Peas" due to their diversity and widespread popularity in China. https://www.facebo Email for further information. It is a night you can't miss! The Taiwan Ministry of Culture BAMID's most important mission is to inform the public, both in Taiwan and abroad, of the government's policies, regulations, and actions, and to promote development of the mass media. a-Peer Music is an innovative music & technology company provide international marketing & technical services for the music industry.  (Sep 30, 2012 | post #1)


OKMusic Seeking Holiday Thrills With Halloween Song Compe... is dying to hear original tunes from unsigned artists for the site’s Halloween Song Contest. The contest is the first from OKMusic’s new series of monthly themed events designed to give undiscovered talent an opportunity for worldwide exposure. OKMusic is looking for songs that capture the Halloween spirit and summons up the excitement and fun of the annual October holiday. The only rule* is that music entered be an original composition by the submitter. No resurrecting someone else’s moldy oldie and doing a cover, OKMusic wants fresh blood. The outcome of the contest will be determined by the OKMusic community. The song that has the most likes by October 27 will be the declared the winner. The winner will get exposure to the social network’s millions of visitors worldwide and be highlighted in the new front page OKMusic “Featured Artist” pane. Special treats will include a crystalline star trophy laser-etched with the artist/band’s name, OKMusic winner stickers the artist/band can use to promote themselves locally and a nationally distributed press release about the winning band and song. “The OKMusic Halloween song contest is the first of many monthly contests designed to provide our artists with opportunities to build a fan base,” Akiko Asami, CEO, OKMusic, explains. “Our mission is to help our members get discovered.” Recently, Canadian artist Rich Chambers had a song selected for the soundtrack of an upcoming Hollywood film, Chilly Christmas, through a contest on the site. To learn more about OKMusic or hear indie artists from around the globe, visit the free site at Full contest rules are available at #!/events/hallowee n *By entering this contest, you agree to grant us a non-transferable option to claim, for now and forever, your immortal soul. Should we exercise this option, you agree to surrender any claim you may have to it, within 5 (five) working days of receiving written notification from This contract may not be challenged in court or through binding arbitration. Souls may only be regained through a “rock off” against an infernal being of OKMusic’s designation.  (Sep 29, 2012 | post #1)


MusicDishTV Presents "This Old Radio" By Alternative Harp...

"This Old Radio" is a harp-based indie track that combines both subtlety and emotion. The entire video focuses on Anna Cate playing her harp and singing the song in her living room. This gives a certain intimacy to the song, kind of like getting to hear a private performance with no one else around. She sings about this old radio, one that a loved one used to play her favourite song on. The cinematography suggests that there is a longing in her life, perhaps for a life she used to have. The shaky, indie style of the camerawork allows the viewer to feel her distress and see that she truly means every word that she sings. To accompany the voice, she focuses much of the video on her fingers playing the harp. Her hands move with such grace and makes such a difficult instrument seem easy to play. Anna Cate's video is certainly one not to be missed. Email: Website: http://www.annacat Music: .com/watch?v=Tkf-3 uGAzoE  (Sep 29, 2012 | post #1)


MusicDishTV Presents "Fallen" By Americana/Country Rocker...

What a way to capture a solid rock band! The producers of Americana/country rock Eliot Wayne's "Fallen" did a great job shooting this driving quick tempo song with well-placed cameramen, with the first stage right, the second stage left, and another behind Eliot and to the left of the drummer who was giving the performance of a lifetime. Another camera in front captured the energy of the band with close ups of Eliot's guitar as he played with passion and intensity. The edits were excellent, adding to the energy, and excitement of "Fallen" . The harmony on this song is powerful with strong open intervals between Eliot and the backup vocals of his bass player. The guys were dressed "garage band" casual, but be advised, they are most definitely a strong rocking trio, and it's hard to believe that they were unsigned in 2011! Kudos to Producer Chuck Miller and editor Alex Henley for very smartly done cuts on this video. Email: Website: http://eliotwaynem Music: bpxgw2Tyw  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #1)


Tony Adamo Digs Newporterjazz Radio

NewporterJazz is proud to feature the music of Tony Adamo. Join us Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10a.m., 5p.m., 10p.m. and 3a.m. eastern standard time. Enjoy songs from his up and coming collection. Stay tuned to NewporterJazz, enjoy the music of Tony Adamo beginning, September 21st through September 23rd. Website: http://newporterja Music: http://www.allabou download.php?id=79 02  (Sep 23, 2012 | post #1)