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Jan 19, 2012

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Houma, LA

Obama-Marriage - Houma, LA

Gay marriage has nothing to do with me. That is why I support it. I feel like it will have no affect on my life whatsoever if gays get married. So many people oppose it because of their religious beliefs, but they fail to see the fault in that. It's illogical to impose your beliefs on issues that affect only a strong minority and would not damper anyone else's daily lives. This country is a democracy, not a theocracy. It is unfair to impose religious beliefs on a group of people who either do not share those beliefs or do not care to abide by those beliefs. That is their prerogative and they will have to answer to God about that. No one can do anything about it. Some people oppose gay marriage because they compare it to bestiality and other deviant behavior. Homosexuality and bestiality are not similar. Homosexuality is between two consenting human beings, and bestiality is sexual interaction between a human and an animal that connot consent. Some people oppose gay marriage because they believe it would negatively affect traditional family values. I say that if there are people who desire to start a family, then why should they not be allowed to just because they're gay? Doesn't their willingness mean anything, especially when so many families are started purely by accident??? There's no set-in-stone indicator that two mothers or two fathers would be bad parents, just like there is no set-in-stone indicators that a mother and a father would be bad parents. It is unfair to judge these people in this way because any two people can be good or bad at parenting. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. Some people oppose gay marriage because it "grosses them out" which is just immature and also unfair. Lots of things gross people out. The thought of fat people having sex grosses me out. Should overweight people not be allowed to marry either??? I say that it's only right to allow these gay Americans to get married. One doesn't have to agree with homosexuality in order to support gay marriage! Let gays get married!!!  (May 23, 2012 | post #1)