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Apr 19, 2007

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Greenville, SC

Lesbian Dating in Greenville SC

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How to get an article posted?

I am the volunteer editor for Clemson, Central and Six Mile South Carolina. They are three small towns that are barely on anybody's map. We do, however, have a large student population from the local state university called Clemson University. Yesterday I received an email message from one of the students reading: Mr. Carroll, I'm with the Clemson Gaming Guild, a student club at Clemson University. We want to get the word out about a local convention we're hosting and our regular meetings. I found the 'upcoming events' section on Topix, but no way to list ours. I hope you can explain what I need to do? I told him that he could send his announcement by email to [email protected] His reply was that the messsage was bouncing. I have three questions:" 1. How can individuals submit their stories and announcements? 2. I've been absent for awhile. How do I submit the stories myself? 3. I've lost the contact information for my editorial rep. Please send me her email information. You can contact me directy by email at arnett.carroll*gma with any helpful responses. Please keep any posts to this thread on-topix please... ;-)  (Sep 17, 2008 | post #1)

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