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Dec 10, 2007

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Fort Drum, NY

Bronx soldier killed by roadside bomb in Iraq

Hey Monica, just to set the record straight, I dont think that Christie(that would be me) I had to change my name cuz of net problems. But anyways, I wasnt saying anything bad about anyone. I was simply sending my condolences to the family of this fallen soldier, and simply saying that people that turn a tragedy like this into a circus should keep there opinions to themselves. How you mistook that is beyond me. My fiance is over in that hell hole and I pray everyday for his return, safely. Tis is a place for us to vent, keep in touch and try to make sense of the on goings of this war. If you cant understand that then maybe you should not be here.  (Dec 10, 2007 | post #40)

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my heart is in iraq


Fort Drum


Fort Drum

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I like to party with my girls, and spend time with my family

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a US ARMY soldier

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I work full time, spend time with my kids and patiently await the return of my man

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I am honest

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spending time with my family

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why certain people get pleasure out of other peoples misery

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