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May 19, 2013

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Las Vegas, NV

Proposed savings accounts would help private schools

We live in a complex, diverse democracy whose independence is maintained to a great extent through an educated electorate. Ignorance is not democracy's friend. That's why the U.S. public has been a strong supporter of public schools. In every town, city and state, maintenance and improvement of public schools are always a subject of political debate because they are considered so fundamental to our democracy — to say nothing of the well-being and continued prosperity of our people. Public schools are, and should remain, secular, providing a good education to people of all religions and cultures, favoring none over others, benefiting religious and non-religious people. Unlike many countries in Europe, Latin America and elsewhere, U.S. governments by design provide very limited direct assistance to religious schools. But like many people today, immigrants in the last and previous centuries wanted schools that also helped maintain their faith, and so besides supporting at great added expense the public schools that their children do not attend, Lutherans, Jews, Catholics, and members of many faiths established schools to do just that. For more info: http://www.desmoin ry/opinion/columni sts/2015/01/26/pro posed-savings-acco unts-help-private- schools/22320021/  (Jan 30, 2015 | post #1)

Buffalo, NY

Mckenzie Corp: Deaeration of Boiler Feedwater

Pour yourself a tall glass of cold water. Place it in front of you and read on. The water you have just poured for yourself is much like the feedwater you may be sending directly into your boiler. It contains among other things, dissolved gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide that can be particularly destructive to feed lines, condensers and to your boiler. The oxygen in this raw feedwater is released within the boiler as a result of heat and rises in the form of bubbles. These bubbles attach themselves to the boiler tubes, water legs and the sides of the boiler drum shell at the water line. The oxygen along with the carbon dioxide attacks the iron and set up chemical musical chairs in which the steel in your system will always lose. This destructive game will continue until either all the oxygen is entirely removed from the water or the steel or iron is dissolved. A deaerator will prevent the game from ever starting. This piece of equipment removes corrosive gases from boiler feedwater( http://www.mckenzi sdom.htm ) and preheats the water prior to entrance into the boiler.  (Aug 28, 2014 | post #1)

NBW Incorporated Boilers Mechanical Piping Pressure Vesse...

Burner Installations The heart of any heating plant is the fuel burning equipment. Equipment compatibility, efficiency, reliability, and safety all must be considered and a balance maintained. Burner Assemblies From complete assemblies to individual components, NBW has years of experience with all major manufacturers. Whatever your heat requirements, we can offer you the most efficient and economical unit. Our experienced personnel can handle all solid, liquid, gaseous, and waste fuel conditions. We will match the appropriate fuel train or fuel feed system, combustion air equipment, and combustion controls to meet your performance, capacity, and emissions requirements. Read more: http://www.nbwinc. com/burners.html http://www.nbwinc. com  (Aug 4, 2014 | post #1)

Chicago, IL

Open Rights Group International: Nudge censorship

Back on 18 June, Maria Miller MP brought Internet companies to her office to talk about what can be done about various types of undesirable, offensive, adult or illegal online content. A few weeks earlier, she wrote to some of these companies to shake them down, asking what money they could promise for an education campaign that nobody had specified, discussed or designed. Behind this was the Prime Minister David Cameron's wish to announce something in a forthcoming statement. We all know about that statement; in it he announced Nudge Censorship plans and that all the major Internet companies are going to install network level filtering. At the time that Maria Miller was meeting Internet companies, we wrote with Index on Censorship, Big Brother Watch and English PEN to insist that civil society organizations be involved in discussions about any kind of censorship – including nudge censorship. This is because the impact on free expression of unintended censorship is there whatever the original intent. Our concern is about content that is legal and that the government should not restrict. Read more: https://www.openri /2013/nudge-censor ship-questions-for -isps-and-governme nt  (Oct 21, 2013 | post #1)

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Good.Is : Heating Controls - Five Money-Saving Tips

• How to use your heating controls effectively • Tips to reduce your energy bills • Simple changes you can make to save cash • Advice on whether you need new heating controls Using your heating controls efficiently is a simple way to cut your energy use - follow these top tips to get the best from your heating system without overheating your energy bills. Read Full Article at: /posts/diigo-heati ng-controls-five-m oney-saving-tips  (May 19, 2013 | post #1)