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Go and Travel to Jakarta - Westhill Consulting Travel and...

Southeast Asia is a great destination for a cruise, Jakarta, Indonesia, KL, Malaysia, Beijing China, Singapore and much more, but if want to wander away from the beaten path on an Asian cruise vacation, consider booking a trip that calls in beautiful and exciting Angkor Wat, Cambodia. You will experience many of Cambodia's ancient temples, incredible jungles, pristine beaches and exciting excursions at the nation's sole deepwater port at Sihanoukville. The Ruins of Angkor, one of the most significant archeological sites in all of Asia, date back to the reign of the Khmer Empire between the 9th and 15th centuries. Protected UNESCO World Heritage location, Angkor Archaeological Park spans hundreds of square miles and is consists of a huge collection of remarkable monuments, temples and capital buildings. An example is the well-known Temple of Angkor Wat located at the center of the park as well as the other architectural marvels like Bayon, Preah Khan and Ta Prohm. You can interact with residents from the local villages that still call the ruins of Angkor home. Psar Lu Market. There's no better place than Psar Lu Market if you want to gain an up close look at how contemporary and historic cultures merge in Cambodia. To be found outside the city of Siem Reap and is known as the gateway to the Temple of Angkor Wat, this busy marketplace is a local hub of culture and commerce. You'll see vendors selling all sorts of unique wares, ranging from handmade local crafts to tourist souvenirs perfect for remembering your Cambodian vacation as you tour the streets of Psar Lu Market. Wat Krom and Wat Leu. Considered as the most important religious structures in the area, the two well-preserved Buddhist temples Wat Krom and Wat Leu is situated just outside of Sihanoukville. Wat Krom translates to "lower wat," and is located on a small hill on Santipheap Street overlooking the coastline. Alternately, Wat Leu - the "upper wat" - sits on a taller mountain nearby and offers picturesque views of the town below. Both of these incredible sites feature impressive stonework and are decorated with statues of elephants and the Buddha. Phnom Penh. Sited north of Sihanoukville, the nation's capital and largest city of Phnom Penh offers tourists with a collection of cultural attractions, commercial centers, government complexes and beautiful parks. The city still has heavy influences from French colonization during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and you can still hear French and Cambodian spoken side by side in Phnom Penh. While the delicious combination of Asian and French foods that comprises the local cuisine in restaurants and hotels throughout the city. REFERENCES: http://westhillcon http://westhillcon  (May 2, 2014 | post #23)

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Westhill London Property Markets: Anybody have any comments?

Not sure there is a right answer to this one. I have waited until a tenants lease was up and then put my house on the market in London. Some potential buyers had a view that the house was "unloved " as it was tenanted and then for sale. It wasn't in poor condition, its just that seeing a house unfurnished can be difficult for some viewers. You probably need to think of how the tenants will present the house and whether there is any chance they will not want to move and thus put buyers off? I would probably put it on the market tenanted, as long as the tenants were ok with it - unless you can afford to pay the mortgage for a while with no rent, as it is likely to take a little longer to sell and then average 2/3 months for completion. Good luck, Scotty  (Mar 4, 2014 | post #3)