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May 12, 2011

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Dutch-Miller Kia , Barboursville Wv

Attention all automobile buyers.....stay away from Dutch-Miller Kia in Barboursville ,Wv They do not hold up to the warranty they give.They blame all of the problems on the car owner, driving, etc .etc. They scream 100,000 mile warranty and when it breaks down,,,they use every excuse in the book to get out of fixing the cars that they sell. Buyer please- beware.....Just letting buyers have the heads up.  (May 21, 2011 | post #1)


a I cana t believe this is a Kiaa : Optima is a pleasant ...

Kia's are so junk. Buyer please beware. Go get a Ford or Toyota. Stay away from Kia. The transmissions are trash. Motors cannot stand up to wear and tear. Wish I had never heard of a KIa.  (May 21, 2011 | post #3)


Kia - repairs look out...

I worked at a Kia dealership for 7 years. I had the opportunity to see what went on behind the scenes. What I saw was an injustice, that now I must voice to anyone who might be thinking of buying a Kia. I saw countless Kia automobiles that were not even 2 years old having to have transmissions replaced, motors replaced. These cars might have a "far out"- warranty with that comes with them, but the horror is your going to need it, they break down real quick and the sad part is, most people save up for years to buy a new car just to duped into buying junk. Not trying to 'shoot' a certain brand of car. But if you want to save yourself a huge mistake, stay far- far away from any kind of Kia.The troubles with Kia's are so vast it's insane. This is a warning to those who would be glad to know that they are getting ready to waste their money if they buy a Kia. If you don't like what I have written , that's totally up to you, this message is for those who want to spend their money on a quality car, and Kia is not one of them.Buyer-beware.  (May 21, 2011 | post #1)

Barboursville, WV

Dutch Miller commercials

That place is falling to pieces, went there to look inside showroom, looks like a trip back into 1973. Made me weary of buying something from there. Have a father in law who bought a car there and has constant troubles with it. The truth is the manager Chris , is known as a real jerk. Guess he thinks he's a hot shot cause he operates a run down car dealership? Don't know why, the ceiling leaks there either, and the commercials -geez cheap,cheap,cheap. Am I crazy or does C .Miller look just like an ape? Lmao, for real though? Just sayin''.  (May 12, 2011 | post #38)