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May 17, 2012

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Payson, AZ

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The kids don't stand a chance in this town! I emailed this to their coach and AD and no response. Also, in 2007, the AIA kicked the Payson girls basketball team out of the State Tourney because one girl played in a game the night before she was going to be reinstated to the team. I've made comments about it and Chuck Schmidt retaliated against me, but it did not work! On April 27, 2012, I had to go to court to get a Harassment Order dismissed filed by Chuck Schmidt against me for making comments about the AIA not following their own BY-Laws. Not one reporter was at the hearing! I was a sports official since 1996 and I know just about every violation the AIA themselves commit! For example, the Casa Grande Area Commissioner has mailed out the test answers to certain officials for years. I proved it in court but no Athletic Directer, Coach, Parent or Athlete will act on this! Sometimes I wonder what on earth is wrong with you people? I have been labeled as a trouble maker, negative and anything you can think of but when the AIA took me to court based on lies, I walked out of there with a victory. I have all the proof anyone needs to show the AIA violates their own By-Laws and I can name the names and the rule violations! I can show you where Chuck Schmidt committed perjury not only on his complaint against me but also in Maryvale Municipal Court this past April 27, 2012. I think the Athletic Directors are thick in the head because I have been jumping up and down for about two years now. With it hitting a high point when Harold Slemmer, Gary Whelchel and Chuck Schmidt filed a bogus complaint against me for using my First Amendment Rights of Free Speech and still no one will act on this! I sent an email to the Executive Board for the AIA pointing out that Gary Whelchel violated By-Law 14.7 in the Officials Handbook and still no response from the citizens! On the officials cheating on their exams, I showed a copy of the Casa Grande Area Commissioner test that I took for him and his brother for years and other violations and the Judge threw their complaint right out! But Richard Obert or Scott Bordow will not write a thing about it! Why? I can name at least 6 sports officials that cheated on their sports test that led them to officiate in the State Finals!  (May 17, 2012 | post #3)