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Mar 10, 2007

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Clearwater, FL

BEWARE of Comfort Cover Systems

The building inspector just gave my permit a red tag. I realize even good businesses can run into a problem, it is how they handle the problem that separates the good businesses from the bad. So far, I am not impressed. They seem to think that ignoring me will make it go away.  (Jul 4, 2014 | post #9)

Melbourne, FL

Review: Lamplighter Village

Hello, If you are 55 and older, I highly recommend Tropical Haven Mobile Home Park. The Airport owns it and it is an awesome place.  (Jun 29, 2014 | post #25)

Clearwater, FL

BEWARE of Comfort Cover Systems

Comfort cover did my roof 15 years ago. I had confidence in them so I hired them to put a new one on on June 18th, 2014. I am having a few problems and customer service is disappointing. I will keep you posted.  (Jun 24, 2014 | post #8)

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