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Oct 1, 2011

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Utica, NY

Looking for child born Rome/Utica, NY 1970

Ma'am, I do that all the time I have great faith in God. I just feel that I doing the right thing and with some perserverance I truly believe that someday, I will find that missing child born middle 1970 posible in the town of Rome, NY. Thanks  (Oct 8, 2012 | post #16)

Utica, NY

Looking for child born Rome/Utica, NY 1970

To citizen of Rome/Utica, NY (especially 1969-1970) I was member of the 416th SPS Squadron at Griffiss AFB, Rome, NY from JAN 1969 through DEC 1969. I worked as Security Police, and then suddenly I was sent PCS overseas on 6th January 1970 to overseas at Utapao AFB, Thailand for a year. I’m writing this emotional letter, with the hope that I could reach some of the native Rome citizens who reside in the town during that specific period 1969-70. I may sound like I’m an irresponsible person, nevertheless , I would like to share the story with you folks so perhaps some of your citizens may has heard something, or remember something during those days. I was dating a nice beautiful lady from Rome New York, from August- December 1969. Then I was sent to overseas 6th January 1970, after being there just few weeks, I was told by one fellow Airmen of Hispanic descent that served at Griffiss AFB during 1969 and has also known the young lady that I was dating from Rome, NY and she told him “that she was 5 months pregnant and the child was 100% mine. Perhaps, because of my lack of common sense at the particular time or simply immaturity of my part I didn't think at that specific time that this relevant statement could mean so much to me much later on in my life. However, I have come to the city of Rome; NY 5 times already, and had continually research this important life issue, but so far not leads or any luck whatsoever. This search has been more difficult because I can’t recall her first or last name. While I can’t recall the exact location that the young lady was living at that particular time, I do believe was just across Griffiss AFB on the neighborhood streets near the Woodhaven area near the now sign closed gate. Other recollections are; the lady was of light complexion and between (17-18) and the child would have born May--Aug of 1970. Nevertheless, I have complete faith in my heart, that somehow through this letter and this new forum perhaps could reach many of your citizens and then may remember the Lady. They could possibly help me with a good lead with this sensitive situation. It’s also very possible that the lady may have the child and put the child for adoption. This birth incident is not posted on the Oneida County Family Court or any birth announcement, so not legal traces have been found. I was trying to trace the lady during those days or get any information from this incident (That I realize is over 42 years ago). The main human support for now would be to assist me to track down the lady from that period 1969-70. She will now be around 61 years old and child he/she would have born in the summer 1970 and currently presently be 42 years old. They didn’t have this internet communication networks, as for example this new Forum to reach many people and for better communication your citizens. Why this is so suddenly important? Right now I’m currently a divorced man without any children, and is real possible that I may have real life biological sibling at there that is related to me. I’m currently had hired a private investigator in Rome, NY. Hopefully someone will be very compassionate and will get back to me, and provide me with some further leads into this important personal and sensitive life research. The person who takes me to a good lead on the period 1969-70 on the lady or possible child will be highly compensated. The lady and child will be compensated (if I could finally found them) for all the pain and suffering that they may have encounter on their life from my honest mistake, and this incident may possibly have a wonderful closure and ending! NOTE: You can reach anytime my e-mail is: [email protected] m. I will appreciated dearly all your support with my difficult endeavor. Many Blessing Mr. Orlando Fernandez  (Oct 7, 2012 | post #13)

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Searching child born 1970


Rome, NY

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