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Feb 20, 2011

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Puyallup, WA

Review: Anzi Dental Ctr

I had a awful experience at Anzi dental and I am definitely thinking about getting a lawyer and everyone on this website should maybe do the same. I went in to have a tooth extracted. To begin with the receptionist was extremely rude. The assistant walked me back to the room. She began to tell me what not to do after the extraction. She then warned me that I should not let the doctor know if I am hurting. She said he has a tendency to stop and walk out if he thinks he is hurting you. He gave me the injections to numb me up and then said he would be back in five minutes to allow the medicine to take affect. He came back in the room less than a minute and did not even wait the five minutes that was needed to allow the meds to take full affect. He kept complaining that my tongue was not where he wanted it. I could not feel my tongue,so I really did not know what exactly my tongue was doing. He was really pissed off about this. Then he started pulling up on my tooth and I felt the normal pressure,but I started feeling pain down in my jaw. This probably due to the fact that he didn't wait the time for the numbing to take affect. Then he looked down at me and said are we going to be able to do this. He was upset,because my tongue moved around and I placed my hand on my chest. He then got up and said he wasn't going to do this and he took off his gloves and told the assistant to refer me to another place. He took off his mask and then walked out of the room. This was after giving me a crap load of shots and pullling up and on my tooth. When I called the place they referred me to. They informed me that I had to pay up front $300.00 for anesthesia which will be used at their office. I am a single mother to two young boys who have Autism. So, we do not have that kind of money to pay out of pocket. I called Anzi back to inform them of this. The receptionsit told me very rudely to call someone who can deal with my financial status. Then I informed her that my tooth was shifted and I was in pain. She told me that the doctor didn't even elevate my tooth. I told her that the doctor had been pulling on my tooth before sending me out. She was arguing with me and I asked to speak with the assistant. She then told me they did all they could do and now they were done. They did not even provide me with a prescription for the pain. They basically left me hanging and even now. They are not even acknowledging me. They were very cruel and degrading. The tooth I have that needs to come out is a absess tooth. So, it is a must to have it come out of my mouth. I have never in my life experienced such cruelty at a dentist office.  (Feb 20, 2011 | post #11)