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Dec 16, 2011

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Racism on the rise in Europe

Guess that is why the GGC are now giving all major multi billion dollar contracts to the South Coreans, Japanese and Chinese perhaps as they say here in Saudi because they do not have the Islamophobic disease, the next thing we can seen that the more than 50,000 Americans, 20,000 Brits and 80,000 other Europeans and Americans working and living in the GCC will be kicked out and replaced by Asians and locals.  (Dec 16, 2011 | post #183)

Cameron looks for European support

Actually I think that this was what the Germans had plan for, an excuse to have the Euroskeptic Britain out altoghether, they were riding shotgun until now without paying, for instance they own more more to Spain than any other country in the Euro, that was stupid of the Spanish to lend to Britain when they knew that their ratings are guided by the US which wants the Euro to go aways more than anyone else. Now the Germans will need to clean house in Europe and start by kicking out the free riders like Greece and Portugal and stop nw ones like Rumania and Bulgaria.  (Dec 16, 2011 | post #5)

Turkey's EU membership process frozen in cold 'European w...

The Turks with a 10% annual growth and a vibrant economy they are more interested in doing business with the rich Arab states if the GCC which are now in a spending spree, specially in Saudi Arabia where USD 700 billion have been approved for projects in the next 7 years than in joing the European Union, also the majority as voted for more Islamic reforms which means they are not tilting toward Europe and seen the economic failure of Europe do not blame them.  (Dec 16, 2011 | post #12)

British Shall be Kept our of the EU

Angela Merkel has done right to go along with the Euro Fiscal reforms without the UK and getting the way clear to have them isolated and eventually out of the Euro, is the best decision ever made by her since they were not part of the Schengen anyway thus a waste of time and money to have them around. Europe will need to decide in a pragmatic way to get ready of the weaker economies that do not perform and those that are for the free ride like the Greeks, these will be kicked out soon after the all the banks and system of the new pact nations on the two speed category are speculator proof. Spain has lately managed to sell more Tesoro and Bonds than expected and Spanish companies have won major contracts specially the Euro 7 billion high speed train system between Madina and Makkah in Saudi Arabia,also the new government, the PP will be able to impose austerity plans without much fuss, they may need to get rid of the waste in all those autonomous governments that basically replicate the provincial institutions, that is about 35000 Euros per annum,as the PP just have been voted in this they will be able to pass though reforms without much fuss. The only worry is Italy, although they got a strong based industry thus could have donde better, they need to get rid of the bad politicians and waste institutions then they can survive.  (Dec 16, 2011 | post #1)

Spanish People are not White.

Actually who cares who is white or black, yellow or red, we are all on the same boat and we people of the same planet earth, although I am as white as milk and Spanish do not make derogatory remarks about other races and actually got many close friends from other ethnic backgrounds but once had an employee from South Africa with a Du Toit family name which thought that was not right that his Division Manager, a Indian Singh was not right to be his boss due to his ethnic background and treated his various Asia nationalities subordinates like trash, well, altough I did like him professionally I had to give him a one way ticket to South Africa  (Dec 16, 2011 | post #3641)

Spanish People are not White.

Although this is clearly a racist question which shows not only ignorance but also a derogatory intention of the poster, if you read in the pedias around it will tell you that, Spanish people are Caucasian in origin and that means predominantly white, when it comes to the mix of the Spaniards you have to differentiate between Galicians which have same traditions and culture as the other Celtic peoples and the Asturians and Vasques from the North of Spain which are clearly as white as the North Europeans. When you down 1000 km to Andalucia in the South of Spain, there you find the real mix of civilizations most due to 700 years of Islamic presence when Spain teach the barbarians in the North education, for example, when city of Cordoba in South Spain circa 900 (AC) got public climatised baths,tap water,sewers, street lights, paved streets and a university, Amsterdam had streets full of mud, they live in the darkness at night and the people were illiterate in the majority the same as Paris and London, well that had an inpact and you can see now a days that many of the Andalucian people are of tan skin context, much of it also is due to the over 40 celsius during the summer months.  (Dec 16, 2011 | post #3640)