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Oct 29, 2013

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Indianapolis, IN

Is Lincoln Plowman Out of Prison Yet?

I MOE was specialist say in Auto insurance and approached by a guy representing a RICH Chicago businessman who was opening a BUSIESS and needed insurance for it, and the representative asks MOE for a quote on THREE properties, so MOE Obliges and gets the THREE quotes! Then MOE gets asked AGAIN for quotes on insurance, only this time it is for FIVE quotes! Then LATER the representative of the RICH Chicago guys asks MOE (who remember, is a SPECIALIST on insurance) to get him SEVERAL PAGES of quotes, and MOE tells the "representati ve" that he needs a CONSULTING fee and also MOE is running for re-election and would like a campaign donation, so if MOE is a SPECIALIST, should he NOT be entitled to a fee for his services?? Lets just say MOE is also a COP as well as an insurance guy!! Lincoln Plowman was VERY SPECIALIZED in Zoning issues, the fact that he was an officer had NOTHING to do with ZONING, nor did his position as City County Council!! Get your FACTS before putting down a GOOD man ho is a FATHER, SON and HUSBAND!!  (Oct 29, 2013 | post #3)

Indianapolis, IN

Is Lincoln Plowman Out of Prison Yet?

moe, it sounds to me like you must be one of the lowlife people that Lincoln locked up during his years of SERVICE and PROTECTION to Marion County Citizens! Were YOU or ANY OTHER citizen a VICTIM of his ALLEGED CRIME? I happen to know Lincoln and when my elderly In Laws went on vacation to Florida and went missing for over 16 hours, he jumped into action to organize a search for them! I know him well, and I also know FACTS about the case that obviously YOU don't!! You all sound like a group of THIRD GRADERS!! The ONLY 2 reasons I can think of for your ATTITUDE towards Mr. Plowman, is #1 he arrested YOU for some WRONG you were doing, or #2 you are a SOUR Demo-CRUD who just dislikes him because he was a Republican who helped us UNDO some of the DemoCRUDS mess ups in city government!  (Oct 29, 2013 | post #2)