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Jan 17, 2007

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The Indianapolis Star

New charges filed in crash that killed 3 motorcyclists

I too survived this awful accident, and all of us who did are still dealing with the memories of that day and feel the loss of our friends, and the pain of their families. I just learned that Newkirk's attorney has asked for another bond hearing, since his bond was rescinded following his most recent DUI arrest. The hearing is set for January 25, 1:00 pm at the Montgomery County Courthouse. Some of us who were involved in the accident and some family members of the victims plan to go to show our concern to the judge if they let this repeat offender out again. Any fellow bikers or other concerned folks may want to consider showing up as well. He could have just as easily taken out your son or daughter in their car... Indiana's lawmakers need to take these types of offenses MUCH more seriously before more innocent people are killed...  (Jan 17, 2007 | post #19)