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May 16, 2013

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To all seeming Washington has not insulted our Polish lea...

To all seeming Washington has not insulted our Polish leaders by its decision to remove US interceptors from Poland to Alaska and California at all if now for further US investing modernization of our army Warsaw is ready to provide the opportunity for our US allies to use the territory of, for instance, the well-known military base in Redzikowo for utilization of some very dangerous products of missiles' exploitation, or, in a word, for storage of various dangerous chemical waste there! Surely, I cannot open up all details of current talks on this question. But I'm bound in honor to warn all those, who live in the north of native Poland now, that most likely Americans will obtain Warsaw's permit to deliver US nuclear or other chemical wastes here as local authorities practically since 2010 live in dependence on the Pentagon's funds here. The matter is that just in that year US military started to build here, in Redzikowo, their military base for placing Patriot and SM-3 missile defense complexes. I know exactly that illegal utilization of some dangerous products of missiles' exploitation has already carried out by our allies directly on the territory of their base. And certainly they may easily continue this horrible process for local population and environment as there is precious little hope that our authorities will ever enter into all details of this problem. Here is the real context of our NATO membership, pals!  (Oct 4, 2013 | post #1)

the horrible story of me and my business

It seems to me I must tell you the horrible story of me and my business, connected with Baltic fish production traffic to neighboring Russia. For over 20 years my buying corporation has close and rather successful dealings with Estonian and Russian partners. I'm Estonian by nationality, but often I have to visit and even live in Russia because of my business and then return to native Estonia. And it was curiously exploited by opponents. At first I thought that they were Russian business rivals. But the matter was turned out to be much more serious as it seemed to me at the first sight! During one of my latest stay at Tallinn some flash-men dared to plant drugs of abuse on my bag. Then I've fallen into a trap of such professional blackmailers as UK special-service agents... They started to lay me under a necessity of lodging them damaging information against my Russian partners. I'm ashamed of myself, but unfortunately I've had to go to their terms. Otherwise I would easily turn into the jail for my so-called spread of drugs. I've shocked that such disgusting things have become possible in my native Estonia, whose so-called democratic leaders are ready to run away from such awful facts of arbitrary behavior of foreign special services on own territory! That we should live to see such things, pals!  (May 16, 2013 | post #1)