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Jul 3, 2012


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Junction City, KY

pain pills

I seriously hope that you are being honest about needing them for pain and not to get high. It is extremely hard to get pain medication in Kentucky, and it is because of addicts and drug dealers. I know that you can go to Virginia to get pain medication. If you do so, make sure you find a pharmacy in Virginia or West Virginia to get them filled, because you won't be able to in KY. There are places around though in Virginia, Tennessee and Florida. You may also want to think about trying to get something other than percocet. I know that Loritab is easier to get prescribed in Kentucky than percocet is. And if you are not an addict, you may not like the idea, but you may have to go to one of these "pill mills" to get the medication that you need. Usually google will help you locate a doctor to call. Hope this helps and sorry about your pain. Hopefully one day it will get better and you won't need to take anything to help with the pain.  (Jan 11, 2014 | post #2)

Louisville, KY

Kroger Shooting

Ya know I am by no means racist, but why is it that black people are more prone to senseless acts of murder and violence. I mean I know that there are a lot of F'd up white people, but take things like this shooting. What was the point. And there was a black "man" in Lincoln County Ky that robbed a 90 year old woman. And ya know I understand that sometimes people fall on hard times, or they become a slave to addiction and they do stupid things. But after this man robbed this 90 year old woman he turned around and beat and raped her. I just don't understand why black people feel they have to act this way. I really wish I could understand this, and it almost makes me want to be racist. I guess I will never understand what makes them behave this way. I feel sorry for the family of this man (the kroger employee). People had to lose a family member and a friend because this black man decided he wanted to end someones life for no reason.  (Jan 11, 2014 | post #5)

Danville, KY

dippin' tobacco

I dip Grizzly, at least a can a day. I have never had to many problems. Occasionally my gums might get a little sore and swollen, and I have to stop for a couple days. When I dip cheaper stuff, like Stokleys, the inside of my mouth where I put the Dip will turn white and bumpy. Not sure what that means. I have tried to stop a couple times but can never seem to kick the habbit. While I think that Dipping is safer than smoking, there is def a chance of getting throat/mouth cancer. I usually try to brush/floss use mouth wash afterwards. I dunno if that helps prevent, but I have been using for about 15 years. But If ya can quit I would.  (Jan 9, 2014 | post #5)

Danville, KY

Do you know Anita Lopez

Merry Christmas to you too dude. Hopefully be morning all this BS will be removed from Topix  (Dec 24, 2013 | post #56)

Danville, KY

Do you know Anita Lopez

I agree with you. This thread should have never even been started. And I am also sorry that it came to this. I do not know you, and I do not know JD personally. I just know that people claiming to be her friends are attacking anita because she is with John. I myself have also sent a request to have this thread removed. I think that would be best for everyone, if this thread was removed and people on both sides would just leave each other alone.  (Dec 24, 2013 | post #54)

Danville, KY

Do you know Anita Lopez

Well If people are looking for me they know where to find me. And people that have a problem with john know where to find him. Maybe you should keep tabs on your woman, because her and her friends are the ones starting all this BS. So F8CK you buddy. Maybe if your peoples people would leave everyone alone down here none of this sh*t would have even been started. And for your info, that is what he wants. For her to leave him alone. Her buddies, mainly whoever f*cking Cindy is started all this sh*t, and started making threats. So blame her for all this crap being on here. And trust me boy, if you think I am scared of you or anyone that is supposedly looking for me, you have another thing coming. Yall stop running your d*ck suckers and people down here will stop running theirs. And that's what's up  (Dec 24, 2013 | post #52)

Danville, KY

Do you know Anita Lopez

I thought you said you were friends with Lisa. If that is the case the place we live in now was completely fixed by the time she moved in here. I also find it hard to believe that she loved someone after 3 days of meeting them. But it sounds to me like you are talking about someone with the initials J.D. As a matter of fact we both know that is who you are talking about. You can deny it all you want to at this point. The comments you just made, made it clear that that is what you are talking about. Now I'm not the type to put someones name on topix and put them on blast but don't act like you don't know who I am talking about. The only reason that the trailer was so messed up was because of her punk a$$ son. Just like the fact that he damaged the walls, left the heater turned on and ran up a 1,000 dollar electric bill. John only let his black ass move in here because he felt sorry for him. If anyone done anyone dirty it was the way her family did him. For F*ck sake she even stole his blankets and TV. John has not been texting her telling her sh*t. As a matter of fact, he has asked her numerous times to stop contacting him.She stalks him on faceook. Even going as far as making fake accounts to try to see what he is doing. Calls at least ten times a day. And texts him non-stop. She even tried to start a facebook battle with Anita. Pretty much harassing him like you are doing now. She needs to face the fact that it is over and he has moved on with someone else. God she is a f*cking psycho. He didn't do that crazy b*tch dirty. They broke up. It happens. Sounds like she needs to get over herself and stop being so dramatic about every little thing that happens in her pathetic life. He is happy with Anita, so why can't you dumb b*tches leave them alone. Surely she can find someone else that will sleep with her ugly fat a$$. So go ahead and tell her that nobody down here wants anything to do with her stupid A$$. Oh and by the way, Miss Cindy or whatever your name is, I told you you wouldn't be able to keep you c*cksucker closed. And as far as that little can of worms you want to open go ahead. Because we all know secrets about her, her kids, and even her mother, that I am sure she wouldn't want posted all over topix. So if I was you, I would spread the word along to your buddy that she needs to leave everyone in this house the F*ck alone. Real talk. John knows a lot more sh*t about them then anything that you might think you know. So you might as well go ahead and stick with your original plan of shutting the F*ck up. Or you can tell your buddy to come down here, since she knows where we live, and talk to peoples faces instead of getting her friends to run their mouth on topix. Peace B*tch.  (Dec 23, 2013 | post #50)

Danville, KY

Do you know Anita Lopez

Good that would be the best thing for you to do is keep your mouth shut. So let's see if you are a woman of your word Miss Cindy, let's see if you can keep that big a$$ trap shut. Bet money that you can't. Peace B*TCH..............  (Dec 23, 2013 | post #45)

Danville, KY

Do you know Anita Lopez

I mean according to you, you don't even know them. You are just going by what "Lisa" told you. And god knows that B*tch speaks nothing but the truth. So how much could you know about some people that by your own admission that you don't know, just what people have told you and what you have read on here. But I would be careful JD, that can of worms might just get turned around on you.  (Dec 23, 2013 | post #43)

Danville, KY

Do you know Anita Lopez

Obviously you are. Always talking sh*t about people you supposedly know about. You must think you are so special to be able to get on topix and talk about people that you don't even know. I would bet hands down that Anita and John are both better people than you could ever dream about being.  (Dec 23, 2013 | post #41)

Danville, KY

Do you know Anita Lopez

Yeah, because everything that is posted on topix gospel. God Cindy you are such a tool. You don't know sh*t 4 real.  (Dec 23, 2013 | post #39)

Danville, KY

Do you know Anita Lopez

Well just so ya know, Lisa is a crazy B*tch. John is my roommate, so yeah I know Lisa very well. She is an immature b*tch. She is loud and annoying, and she always wants to run her mouth. She constantly b*tched about everything. Trying to take her ex to court for child support, even though she doesn't even have her kids. LISA IS THE USER. John did move her in, but it is no ones fault but her own that she got kicked out. If anyone is a user it was her. She used us for money and rides to go everywhere and that is all. She constantly wanted us to get her drugs, and when we told her no, she would literally almost cry about it. So if you are saying you know lisa, then you don't much. Lisa didn't even ask to move in, she just showed up one day with all her sh*t and we all felt sorry for her. John is very happy with Anita, and Anita is very happy with him. So, no one knows if a relationship will last. Even the best relationships can fall apart. Who are you to judge. It sounds to me like you are just going by what Lisa says, so I wouldn't take to much of that to heart. And if ya know what's best for you, I would stop hanging out with that woman if I was you. You will end up broke, or in jail if you keep hanging around with Lisa.  (Dec 23, 2013 | post #35)

Danville, KY

Do you know Anita Lopez

Jerome it is apparent that you are a little on the stupid side. For one I believe that Cindy was trying to run her c*ck Sucker about John, not you. You are trying to act "black" but it is apparent that you are not. Black people are not going to write comments like I smoke Dro hahaha. That straight sounds like a white kid trying to play black. And lastly you told me to check you out on facebook, and I copied your name exactly like you typed it, and guess what only one result popped up, and it was a white kid from Cali. So obviously you are lying about who you are, or you are so retarded you can't even spell your own name.  (Dec 23, 2013 | post #31)

Danville, KY

Atheist are like pedophiles

God/Jesus does sound a lot like Hitler. Be how I want you to be or you are going to burn. Hitler used ovens and God uses Hell. How is there any difference. "Church" once again I like your post.  (Dec 22, 2013 | post #7)

Danville, KY

Do you know Anita Lopez

They just lonely. A bunch of punks running their mouths. Ya just have to ignore them. It obvious that they are scared of you, and since ya don't know the black boy up there, f*ck em. They just mad because you are doing better than them, and are happier than them. Just a bunch of miserable trolls, with nothing better to do than pick on women on the interwebs.......................  (Dec 22, 2013 | post #27)

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