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Apr 15, 2010

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Weight Training

Have you tried barefoot running?

I get tons of pain in my legs, such as shin splints, ankles, flat feet, low arches. But when I run in sneakers([url=http ://www.newvibramsh]five finger shoes[/url]) on roads. I am very in shape and have played sports all of my life but started to get these pains towards the end of high school and throughout college soccer. It is very hard to get into a workout routine when in so much pain. I have heard people say that running barefoot or in shoes like [url=]v ibram five fingers[/url] work wonders after a couple months of doing it? Has anyone tried [url=]v ibram shoes[/url] like KSO shoes? I'm very interested.  (Sep 27, 2010 | post #1)


Revamped Mountain Winery announces summer lineup

I'd like to see some of those. my favorites are [url=http://www.bu 328-Smallville-Sea sons-1-8-DVD-boxse t.html]Smallville[ /url] [url=http://www.bu 589-The-Unit-seaso ns-1-4-DVD-boxset. html]The Unit[/url] [url=http://www.bu 134-Sex-and-the-Ci ty-Seasons-1-6-DVD -boxset.html]Sex and the city[/url] [url=http://www.bu 551-The-L-word-sea son-1-6-DVD-boxset .html]The L word[/url]  (Apr 16, 2010 | post #6)