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Apr 6, 2011

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Newberry, MI

derrick ray henagan

I just wanted to let you all know I'm praying for you. I am relatively new to this site and I was reading some of the posts. I live down near Detroit and I am shocked that this hasn't made the news down here (at least I haven't heard of anything over the course of two years). I haven't read everything so I don't know details but I will be praying that your son/friend will be found one way or another.  (Apr 16, 2011 | post #60)

Newberry, MI

Are Yoopers all Stupid.. Or Just Act That Way

I think this thread is just stupid. I have visted the UP many times and never have I encountered anything but friendly people. Just because it's not Detroit or Grand Rapids or any other city you find in the Lower Peninsula doesn't mean that the people are stupid. I mean really, come on. One of Michigan's most prestigous schools (Michigan Tech) is in Houghton. They must be doing something right up there.  (Apr 15, 2011 | post #13)

Mackinac Island, MI

Living on the Island

Hello!! My fiancee and I visited Mackinac Island this morning. Regardless of the fact that the tourist season hasn't begun yet, we had a wonderful time walking around and looking at the homes and taking in the history. And luch at the Village Inn was wonderful (not just the food but the people as well). It was my first time to the island and I cannot wait to come back. One of the things my fiancee and I talked about over lunch was the possibility of making a move to Mackinac Island or the Straits area in general. We are both from the Detroit area and there are many things that we like and noticed about the area was the sense of community. Everybody knows everybody. Where we're from we only see our neighbors in passing and exchange a hello or how's the weather before moving on with our day. The atmosphere of the island is so different. It's the type of place where people live together and not just coexist. My purpose for all of this is to find out about living on Mackinac Island. I have many questions but not really sure in which order to start. What I really want to know is what it is like. Are there good employment opportunities? Do people who live on the island work on the mainland? And if so, how does that work in the winter? What about major medical services? Is there a hospital on the island or would I would have to go over the mainland for something like having a baby? What about he cost of living (taxes, groceries, etc.)? I'm really curious to find out. My fiancee and I were really talking a lot about it and I really want to see if making such a move is the right choice. Thanks!!  (Apr 6, 2011 | post #1)