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Oct 11, 2012

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Tuscan Wine Inspiration

Does anyone have any good ideas for a post about Tuscan wine? I just found an interesting competition where I can win 6 bottles of Chianti wine (priced at €300!). I've just got to write an interesting/inform ative blog post about Tuscan wines. Now I know this region has some amazing wines (I've tasted a few!), I'm just a bit stumped as what to talk about. Maybe I'll write something about the wine festivals in Florence. Hmmm... Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts? (If you want to enter too, it’s on the To-Tuscany website -extras/wine-blogg er-competition-201 2/ - but I’d prefer it if your entries weren’t as good as mine! Ha ha! )  (Oct 11, 2012 | post #1)