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Mar 6, 2013

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Why would Alabanian men stick to Albanian girls instead o...

Being a good wife is more than how "hot" one can look. It's about respect, loyalty, faithfulness, etc. The average Albanian woman is an honorable woman that takes care of her man and family, one that will do anything to keep things together, and is extremely hospitable. Now look at your average Latina woman, which is most likely a single mother with a nasty mouth. Anyway, I'm sure men would prefer a perfectly rounded and attractive Albanian booty over a disgusting, loose, cellulite covered Latina one.  (Nov 20, 2013 | post #843)

Albanians are not Muslim !!!

Islam is a religion, just like Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, etc. are religions. So is it being suggested that all Albanians should become Atheists and believe in Paganism again? After all, that is what our ancestors believed in before religion came along. Religion is a belief. I don't care if my fellow Albanians believe in Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, or any other religion. All that matters to me is that Albanians remain patriotic and remain loyal to their people and their country. I'd rather have an Albanian that believe in a different religion, than to deal with scumbag criminals that are giving us a bad name.  (Nov 20, 2013 | post #303)