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Feb 9, 2013

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How moroccan men handles relationship

I have read positive and negative things on this site. More negative than anything.. I'm not going to tell my situation with my Moroccan boyfriend, it was awful,a nightmare, involving the loss of our unborn child. . I will say this I've never in my life witnessed any one who lies as much as him. It's like second nature to him. It's just pitiful. I'm not whinning here, I just put it out there so Myb it may help some one goin through an awful relationship. I'll never date another Moroccan man. And never is something I try not to say.And yes I said it.  (May 24, 2013 | post #960)

How moroccan men handles relationship

I am an American woman born and raised who is currently in a relationship with the sweetiest man, ' Moroccan' born and raised. I have to admit he's different than any man I've ever known.When he says something he means it. A Moroccan man is protective of his woman.He takes great care of me. They have rules You must respect. It's not what we call 'controlling'in America, it has everything to do with tradition.Respect him and his differences. If you can not this type of man isn't for you. We are all brought up differently, traditions and ect. The thing is to know a persons heart. We all have one , no matter where you are born. We all love and want happiness. Although traditions my be different , being understanding of that fact, acceptance and respect for the differences makes for one great relationship. Although the respect for tradition goes both ways. He is the first foreigner I've dated, so I know for a fact that American men can be lazy and lie as well. My point is there are worthless men and women all over the globe. I love my Moroccan Man, I would have no other. It has nothing to do with him being Moroccan, it has everything to do with how he treats me, with respect.. Last but not least, he does not smell bad and he's, well not lacking anything in the manhood department.  (Feb 9, 2013 | post #835)