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Dec 20, 2007

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Akron Beacon Journal

Akron to sell Main St. buildings for project

awww now Big I moved from Akron to right across the river of WV.... I isnt writin ins to complanes bouts no Acron..  (Jan 15, 2008 | post #73)

Akron Beacon Journal

Akron war vet told to repay VA

First we had champus insurance, then after Storm and its new "unidentified problems of relations" it became tri-care....but now as we went 'back to iraq' we realized we still dont have all the cures, way to expensive , even for our ughmmm VA medical associates.. I notice how my bill looks like a HMO now..interesting.. fight over there so we can come home and fight over here.  (Jan 15, 2008 | post #101)

Akron Beacon Journal

Farm operator arrested in Brimfield horse deaths

TO bad there is no system in Portage County like on Animal Cops 'Houston'..  (Jan 15, 2008 | post #19)

Akron Beacon Journal

Woman killed in driveway accident

and to think Akron Metro is having problem with getting enough people to ride the bus....  (Jan 14, 2008 | post #9)

Akron Beacon Journal

Akron burglary suspects leave trail in snow

Next time they will learn to run backwards. However this could be difficult with a ballcap on sideways.  (Jan 3, 2008 | post #22)

Akron Beacon Journal

Casino to preserve history

OMG The only place the bible speaks of not gambling is when Christ threw men out of a church for doing it in the facility. No other place does the bible speak of not gambling. Matter of fact god gambled when he made a decision by having several individuals pull straws to make a decision.  (Jan 2, 2008 | post #2)

Akron Beacon Journal

Summit Mall carjackers arrested

Nice correction interested..FPD NOT APD.... a leopard does not change its spots... in 30 days they will do it again... wait sorry..I gave the courts to much credit.  (Jan 2, 2008 | post #10)

Akron Beacon Journal

Customers, days numbered for Rolling Acres Mall

More than 1 thing hits an area.. The area is in decline for several reasons. Obviously the owner or "owners" are not putting to much emphasis on trying to bring someone in.. Type of individuals in an area along with economy create a situation. Im sure with inventory statistics Macy's made a decision based on a bar graph of locale and having 3 to 4 in a 50 mile radius is unprofitable to say the least.  (Jan 2, 2008 | post #13)

Akron Beacon Journal

Arrest pleases victim's mother

nothin wrong with hillbilly's even retarded ones. They at least provide food for there family and dont go lookin to gun others down or take what others work hard for....{regardless what crap hollywood advertises for money}  (Dec 31, 2007 | post #162)

Akron Beacon Journal

Akron accommodates holiday trash

of course recycling the paper is out of the question, lets jammit in the earth with all the other oooz.  (Dec 31, 2007 | post #4)

Akron Beacon Journal

Police chief cites record of success in Akron

And to think I was gonna maybe consider coming back to **** ..... Its going DOWN fast... somebody needs to do something instead of posting.... let the blockheads read what the blockheads write.  (Dec 29, 2007 | post #81)

Akron Beacon Journal

Unpaid credit card bills growing problem

whats in YOUR wallet  (Dec 25, 2007 | post #13)

Akron Beacon Journal

No title

water is an energy that shifts.. lets think high school science people. in 20 years another area will be low, 1 thing no one thinks about is refreshment transportation. Dont think our drinks have anything to do with it.. think again, MILLIONS of gallons of water is used at bottling companies and shipped all over the U.S, where do you think it goes when we are done with our sewers then to streams or treatment facilities to water flows again. Liquid especially water is an energy that cant be destroyed or created with another energy, it just shifts...  (Dec 23, 2007 | post #17)

Akron Beacon Journal

Tables set at casino in W.Va.

Didnt mean to offend you Not, however I GREW UP IN KENT and moved to the Ohio Valley a some years ago so I DO HAVE THE RIGHT to say "up north". Please read the context.. I saw the people down here fight it with legitimate reasons at council meetings. The context is for those who have NEVER been down here and dont understand SMALL TOWN lifestyle. ITS MUCH MUCH differant than UP NORTH.  (Dec 20, 2007 | post #55)

Akron Beacon Journal

Train and tractor-trailer collide in Falls; motorists urg...

Then he should have got out of the truck. I agree with conductor, even getting near the tracks unless your only crossing them requires a small amount of common sense and respect, its like carrying a weapon. Respect what you are doing and have, its not rocket science, I myself dont want to hit or hurt anyone and it stays with railroaders for life,, ask "conductor ". we blow and blow the horn and make sure the lights and safety gear work even before we roll the power.. I cant stress it enough.. BE SMART around tracks.. please  (Dec 20, 2007 | post #21)

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