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Jul 3, 2012


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Des Moines, IA

iowa sucks

I am proud to call Iowa home, we may not have all of the hype of other states, yes we are a little backwards, religion driven and boring. We have farming, interesting smells, sounds and rednecks. We have so much more than that. Sure we don't have big cities, national monuments, mountains or beaches. What we do have is 3 great recreational lakes, an amazing zoo that is growing and changing and an amusement park. We have safer communities, wonderful schools and honest caring people. Yes there are some bad things just like everywhere else. I love Iowa because its where I grew up and where I will continue to live til I die. If that makes ne a backwards, white trash hillbilly then I am but at least I know what we have to offer.  (Jul 4, 2012 | post #351)