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Jan 23, 2013

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Jackson, KY

Sue Campbell

You Need To Get A Life Bc It's Obivos U Dont Hav One Bc Yur On Her Posting Shit!If Yur Life Is That Boring That Yu Wanna Talk About My Family Go For It Bc Ur Looking Like The Immature Stupid Ass!  (Jan 24, 2013 | post #49)

Jackson, KY

Sue Campbell

Bobbie May Have Lost Her Kids BuT When She Had The She Took Well Damn Care Of them Shit Happens && Sometimes Its For The Best!&The Reason None Of them Have There Kis is Bc They Knw There Kids Will Have A Roguh Life So They Want Beter For There Kid Its Not Bc They Jst Dnt Give A Hell About Them Love How Ppl Love To Talk Shit But Never To Nonoe's Face But Get Yur Facts Straight Next Time B4 Yu Go Running Yur Cocksuckers)(:  (Jan 23, 2013 | post #46)